which text editor keystroke set do you Just Know?

on reflection i should have separated out nano/pico from other

@ed1conf ;-) not for these purposes! it inherits the keystroke set of whatever is driving stdin (same goes for ex, teco, edlin, etc)

I still have many WordPerfect 5.1 shortcuts in my hall of useless knowledge

@68km you're right, i did. for the purposes, please assume it's under ^X / ^C / ^V

@kitsune 😧 I prefer to think of it as "other"

(jokes aside I agree with your classification for the poll's context but also think that it's one step less refined from ctrl-x ctrl-v. I have used those 5 key commands for 30 years and I won't stop!)


Keystrokes??? You mean commands?

"ed(1) is the standard text editor." Didn't you know?

/cc: @mwlucas @ed1conf

@kitsune I probably remember a few from WordPerfect if you say me in front of it. only a small subset of Emacs, a subset that has a suspiciously large proportion overlapping with nano...


joe apparently has WordStar bindings as default, but I haven't used WordStar for ... a long tine.

@deejoe i'd have to check, but i think joe defaults to something that's similar to WS but not quite the same? but if you start it as jstar, it does use WS commands, and that's the way i always use it

@kitsune I gots enough vi in these here fingertips to lets me move the words around.

That's all I need.

@kitsune @rgegriff I wonder how many folks use pico or nano on the regular.

@drwho @kitsune @rgegriff I love it, nano is definitely my editor of choice.

I know vi well enough but I only use it these days if that's the only thing installed on the system.

@mike @drwho @kitsune @rgegriff That's been my reason for using vi for years - so I don't have to install anything else on a system in order to use it ...

But the main reason there is because I approach systems as a sysadmin - they're not mine, I shouldn't make changes to them if I don't need to.

Before that, I was an emacs-as-shell for as much as possible, because I had only one environment to worry about and could obsess about how it was set up & get the benefit.

@yojimbo @drwho @kitsune @rgegriff That was certainly a concern I had for a while, but I've left the pro sysadmin world so all the systems are mine now. It's been so freeing. 😁

@kitsune For projects, I use BBEdit, which starts with emacs-like keys then adds its own giant set.

For a single file, usually Vim. I tried re-adapting to microemacs, but it hasn't worked out so far.

My thoughtpad is edited with nano, but I don't really edit it much. May move that to microemacs.

If I have to just paste a few lines into a file and maybe fix them up, ed.

@kitsune I like vi, because when a box is completely hosed, it's usually the only working text editor left. And if /bin and /sbin are corrupted, forget it. Start over, hope you kept backups.

@drwho there's even a vi in busybox... and a static build of that is small enough to slip into the boot partition

@kitsune Yeah - it's incredibly useful. Featureful enough that I've been programming using it (writing a new version of Systembot as a shell script for embedded systems).


vi because that's what my friend told me to use years ago and now I just can't stop...

Trying to learn org-mode now for todo lists & such, so i know a few org shortcuts but often panic and retreat to evil mode :)

For something really quick, especially on an unfamiliar system:


(please dont hurt me :)

@float13 Oh I'm in the same boat. I've used vim for uh 15+ years and I'm really curious about org-mode, but it's been hard to get into.


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