Do you listen to music?

To explain the question, I almost never listen to music, but it seems like almost everyone around me does. It seems like listening to music is just a thing people normally do.

So, I was wondering how many other people here don't listen to music.

And yes, of course there's music in some elevators or stores, movies, games and so forth, but I mean intentionally turning on some music.

Boosts OK.


As a follow-up to @sindastra 's poll, and as someone for whom intentionally listening to music is pretty much a constant, fundamental part of my life...

How long, per day, do you spend listening to music?

@kitsune I selected 1-2. It used to be basically constantly at times, but I don't have a good setup at home right now, and outside I prefer not to listen to music nowadays.

@kitsune constantly or almost constantly, especially while working. I find it soothing and/or energizing! @sindastra

@kitsune @sindastra

I'm guessing 4-6 but these days most of it is drown-out-distractions background noise while I do brain-intensive things. I *do* listen to new-to-me music like this and I end up absorbing it over time so it's not like I'm not involved it it, but there was a definite switch in my life where I went from active, intentional listening to distraction management and driving with the audio player off.

Also, relevant Onion:

@suetanvil @kitsune @sindastra

I work unusual hours so have to be careful about playing music loud at home and in recent years the most common place I listen to music is in the car, but recently I have been doing this less often - due to an ever increasing amount of traffic and road hazards to the point I need 100% concentration for safety..

@kitsune @sindastra for us, listening to music is the thing that works best for dealing with anxiety, so we end up listening to music a *lot*, pretty much constantly when we're not at home

@kitsune @sindastra (we also have Weird Mental Stuff that means the majority of music is deeply unpleasant to us so we also have to have our own music when going to a store or restaurant that's playing background music, too)

@kitsune @sindastra i ticked 4-6 as in passive listening but then there are additional countless hours i either sing or play guitar... so yeah 😅 used to be more but I stopped listening to stuff while in public transport or when outside in general, so now just at home or in the car.

@kitsune @sindastra I do not listen to music every day. But some days I listen to music for a few hours.
I enjoy silence a lot.

@kitsune @sindastra @luka Varies wildly depending on multiple factors, such as if I’m alone or not, how much focus work requires, and such things. Can be 0 for days, but can be the whole day occasionally.

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