@kitsune Oh. I did not know there were two entities, the foundation and the "trading" company. Hmmm... :/

@cstanhope it's not that uncommon - it was the way Niklaus Wirth's Liliths got built, for example, and could be bought commercially, and i think the Guardian Media Group / Scott Trust relationship is much the same; i think there are some fairly strict rules on how charities can trade, so having a charity as the owner (or trustee) of a trading entity gets around those

but if that's the case, selling the trading entity is a bit of a strange move - unless the RPF intends to retain a controlling share, and are merely floating for investment

@kitsune Yeah, it make sense, and Mozilla is set up with a similar structure in the US. I just generally find these sorts of relationships a little confusing as the two entity types have different purposes. Then news like this pops up, and my confusion turns to concern. Oh well. Nothing for me to do but to watch and see what happens.

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