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Slept for something like thirteen hours last night?

Minus a couple interruptions (including when I woke up, surprised to find I'd slept through midnight, and moved from couch to bed), but a lot of sleep regardless.

That's one way to bring in the new year. 💤 🎊 💤

I made some skits showing the program I've been learning Rust with.

(thanks asciinema, you're pretty great.)

The call for Title of Conf proposals asks for writers AND for performers; musical parodies, original music, & original short plays: "stories that capture the day-to-day experience of creating software." Apply by Jan 25, 2020.

Show: May 7, 2020 in Detroit.


re: rust (early impressions) 

rust (early impressions) 

the documentation browser is real nice though. That search interface!

Oops, stayed up all night learning Rust.

command line 

Kotlin, path manipulation 

extending classes (Kotlin +) 

re: Python 3 (-), Old Man Yells At Cloud 

Python 3 (-), Old Man Yells At Cloud 

Apparently explainshell has been around for years. How have we not met before now???

explainshell is a wonderful interface to documentation for command-line tools.

Paste a command line, get each part annotated with its docs!

numpy is extraordinarily useful! That's indisputable. But parts of its interface are vicious. For example:

And people call nethack player-hostile!

Are there wrappers for numpy that place less priority on extreme conciseness and more on making mistakes hard?

Know what still gets software updates?

My Kobo eReader, a model that was released in 2013.

It is possible to support consumer devices for more than a year or two!

Linux on the Desktop 

Today I learned that the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization don't believe there's a "black mold" that's unusually toxic.

It's still true that you generally don't want to breathe a ton of mold spores, some people have mold allergies, and you should minimize molds in environments for immunocompromised people, but there's not one color or species of mold that's a lot more dangerous than the others.

NBC got their television network going in 1947.

The traditional definition of Baby Boomer describes those born 1946 – 1964.

Network television and televised sitcoms are literally Boomers, raised together by the Silent Generation in the wake of World War 2.

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