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Beagle is one of my favorite hang-out-and-play-video-games entertainers. Yesterday's stream was a fine example, with hedge knight Coobie xD, the Lone Rawr :3

[CW: Battle Brothers contains video game violence against canines.]

That adventure hasn't been split out into its own video yet, so that's a link to the VOD. This story gets going around 5h05m.

Sadly, the career of The Lone Rawr :3 only lasts a half hour, but that makes it much more shareable than the campaigns that have been going for weeks or months.


It's hard to tell if you're crossing a picket line on the web.

I guess you'd need a browser extension that checks some directory of domains and the unions that represent them.

State politics 

I guess the trick will be that most game results don't show you the entire result of the RNG, the 32-bit number or whatever it is. You only see pass/fail, or a selection from a loot table with dozens of items, not millions.

So you probably need a lot more than two observations, and/or observe events with a very broad range of outcomes.

Apparently you can reconstruct the state of a common pseudo-random number generator from knowing only *two* sequential outputs:

Most games probably don't use secure random sources.

Does this mean that you could make a Tool-Assisted Speedrun that could predict the RNG?

Woke up to find a mastodon window opened, zoomed to 1000%, with the print dialog up.

(I don't have a printer.)

Hopefully I did make any terrible toots in my sleep.

@forktogether Checking in; it's been a couple months. Any updates or non-updates to report?

re: activitypub 

re: activitypub 

re: activitypub 


Recruiters all want to talk on the phone. I expect to get the alert from the phone company any time now.

> We have detected unusual activity on your account. Someone with your number is
> • answering the phone
> • having voice conversations
> For your safety we will suspend this account until we can confirm the source of this activity.

[looking at job postings]

Well, my last two employers were VIA and Veelo, so I should find a role with this music video platform so my resume can read

VIA, Veelo, Vevo

I finally put a new post on the old blog!

A brain dump of bullet points of things that might have been interesting enough to tech-blog about during the last five years.

Partly to remind myself what I have been doing, and in case any of them want to grow up to be a real presentation.

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