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re: activitypub 

re: activitypub 

re: activitypub 


Recruiters all want to talk on the phone. I expect to get the alert from the phone company any time now.

> We have detected unusual activity on your account. Someone with your number is
> β€’ answering the phone
> β€’ having voice conversations
> For your safety we will suspend this account until we can confirm the source of this activity.

[looking at job postings]

Well, my last two employers were VIA and Veelo, so I should find a role with this music video platform so my resume can read

VIA, Veelo, Vevo

I finally put a new post on the old blog!

A brain dump of bullet points of things that might have been interesting enough to tech-blog about during the last five years.

Partly to remind myself what I have been doing, and in case any of them want to grow up to be a real presentation.

mental health βˆ“ 

I just accidentally discovered that C-S-u opens a Unicode character selector in kitty. It has good search and what seems to be an up-to-date list (includes Unicode 11 emoji).


This is very welcome, though it only half-solves my Linux desktop emoji needs. (I miss being able to use Rocket <>)

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re: test post, images, custom emoji 

test post, images, custom emoji 

re: accessibility, spoiler tags 

re: accessibility, spoiler tags 

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