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test post, images, custom emoji 

Need to check to see how external resources show up in the feed. :blobcatbreadpeek:​ 😺

re: accessibility, spoiler tags 

Oh, hey, HTML 5.1 has a <details> tag for just this sort of thing!

Just no MS Edge support yet.

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re: accessibility, spoiler tags 

My little ActivityPub-feed-widget is coming along nicely, but since use of content warnings is so prevalent in toots, it seems negligent to deploy a widget that doesn't honor them.

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accessibility, spoiler tags 

Anyone have a guide to meeting accessibility standards while implementing spoiler tags on the web?


Dear Lazytoots,

When you fork a GitHub repo, is there a way to distinguish that fork on your account between

a) "this is a long-lived fork that is interesting for reasons", and

b) "this is a fork to make specific pull request(s) and should never be viewed in any other context"


javascript, date formatting 

Hooray, I updated The Website! No content changes, except to take down the G+ link and add one to here.

All was well until I realized my humble little site, built by my fav static site generator, was now pulling down a 319 kB moment-with-locales.min.js file.

I identified the bug that was including that even when it shouldn't, and then spent another few hours trying to figure out how they could implement that feature without so many 💯s of kBs.

terminfo, kitty, ssh 

I'm using this terminal software named "kitty." I found out today that tmux will fail to run on a server you ssh to from kitty, but kitty has a built-in subcommand that will copy over the terminfo files for you:

I'm both scared that kitty doesn't use an existing terminfo definition and impressed by the fix.

re: fiction: The Goblin Emperor 

oh, and I almost forgot, the lady who is of high enough status to be marriageable to an emperor, but who writes letters like


When do we get a book about *her*?

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re: fiction: The Goblin Emperor 

• the engineers working to build the biggest drawbridge in the world
• the detective who can speak to the dead
• the revolutionaries struggling to save their fellows from being worked to death in the factories

by contrast, the titular Goblin Emperor is only thus because of heredity and chance, his only distinctive trait is compassion, and he's mostly confined to one wing of the palace.

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fiction: The Goblin Emperor 

This was an okay enough book, sympathetic protagonist and good world-building and a dash of mystery and intrigue, but the protag is the most boring character in the whole story. We get teased with little descriptions of these other side characters.

• the guard who swear their life to protect the emperor and can throw lightning
• the daughter who disguised herself as a boy to become a sailor, and is now a captain with a wife



Okay, how about this:

In the elections of 2020, I will vote for the *last* person to have declared their candidacy.

For goodness sake, people. The earliest *primaries* are still an *entire year* away. You still have jobs to do in the meantime. A twenty month campaign will only fatigue us both.

[Not actually srs about the vote; I will doubtless consider other factors, but certainly serious about the fatigue.]

unicode, blood, #periodemoji 

Speaking of reading Unicode proposals, check out BLOOD DROP:

Second paragraph of the intro gets right into it:
> Blood is eternal and ancient civilisations valued blood through the sacrifice of animals or
humans to please or feed deities

before this sudden twist on the next page:
> The BLOOD DROP symbolizes much more than bodily fluid, it’s also a step towards gender

So I was just reading the Unicode proposal for :butter: and learned that the Oxford Internet Institute has a research project for Computational Propaganda.

Congrats on making it in to Unicode 12, !

re: lost & found 😌 

That put me in touch with a nice fellow named Brent who reunited me with my wallet.

And all the things I needed to be in it are still there.

Except… there's nothing in there that says Free Geek anywhere.

Did I have a card in there with an olllllllld FG email, and Brent forgot to put it back after calling them?

Or is there some weird but benevolent fae around that decided that would be the best way to get us in touch?

I don't know, but they saved from me a ton of stress. 😌

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lost & found 😌 

On my way home I heard the sound of my phone bouncing off the pavement, and successfully stopped to go back and pick it up without getting my phone or myself run over.

What I didn't realize until later is that my wallet had been in the same pocket, and fallen out a few pedal strokes earlier.

I was just reaching peak freaking-out-about-lost-wallet stress when I got an email from Free Geek saying someone had contacted them about a lost wallet "because of [my] Free Geek ID card."

Until I went to look up that backer link for Tusky (see last boosted-toot), I didn't realize how much the Open Source Collective had taken off.

It looks like they're a 501c6 functioning as a fiscal sponsor to a thousand open source projects.


Toot, toot!

Tusky has opened an Open Collective, where you can support the development, translations and support work!

We offer a $12/ year tier, which is the symbolic "if everyone who uses the app can pay $1/month".

As well as, a backer tier, and a sponsor tier!

#OpenCollective #sponsor #donate

mastodon tools question, threading, emacs? 

I have some notes for posts, and some of them don't look like they're < 500 characters.

So I wonder: how do I draft a thread?

Is there like an mode that will split the buffer into 500-character sections?

Or am I doing microblogging wrong, and I should write a not-micro blog post if it doesn't fit in one micro-post?

Today I learned: $ whatis shuf
shuf (1) - generate random permutations

as in

$ shuf -n3 /usr/share/dict/words

(yes, that's actually the result it just gave me. radical.)

I'm here at my desk, trying to manage these many tangled cables, all of which are black. Then I glance up at the tootsphere and it hits me:

Show me your favorite cable management pictures.

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