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I finally put a new post on the old blog!

A brain dump of bullet points of things that might have been interesting enough to tech-blog about during the last five years.

Partly to remind myself what I have been doing, and in case any of them want to grow up to be a real presentation. Oh! That's "yell."

Unfamiliar with that emote, I was reading it as "What if we all *bathtub* at once? If we all just stop to relax and have a nice soak in a claw-foot tub? Okay yeah I guess that could be good."

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I just accidentally discovered that C-S-u opens a Unicode character selector in kitty. It has good search and what seems to be an up-to-date list (includes Unicode 11 emoji).


This is very welcome, though it only half-solves my Linux desktop emoji needs. (I miss being able to use Rocket <>)

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@pixelpaperyarn is still not up and running 😞 but they have done excellent research on the other crowdfunding platforms:

@mhutch Part of what makes me ask is that I have heard more than once from sex-positive people that "if kissing isn't sex, you're doing kissing wrong." (that's *entirely independent* of whether any kind of intercourse follows it.)

So, if saying "wow, I feel an attraction to putting my mouth-parts on that other person for the purpose of generating and exploring sensations in intimate ways" isn't describing sexytimes, then what is?

@mhutch When describing sensual activities, you included kissing. What distinguishes sensual from sexual for you?

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