@Wolthera Wow, I hadn't heard about the mixed-mode support before!

I repaired the speakers! I think. They seem to be working well at the moment, hopefully they don't go back to flaking out.

Most valuable lesson learned: solder suckers are great! I was having no success at trying to un-solder that ten-pin switch without one.

Thanks to @jade for the repair guide. jade.wtf/tech-notes/makie-cr4-

@firewally How does a place with that kind of mission get to be venture-backed? What's the pitch?

I'm tired of seeing objects described as `Foo@355135a3` in logs.

Which 64 graphemes are most visually distinct from each other in noto-emoji?

At modest font sizes, like 12–16px. And roughly equal size; no fair nominating HAIR SPACE and THREE-EM DASH.

What if we go for 128?

open source 

Anyone itching to do some recreational code review? I've been trying to keep the PRs small but we have a dearth of reviewers this week, and there are too many.

, , , though this batch of reviews is mostly about our environment for automated integration tests.


@SuricrasiaOnline 1.91324510319350323214044393125122411? that's not any pi I know


why are they square. codepen.io/keturn/pen/poaWNKe

there still seems to be hidden components to the layout algorithms that dev tools in firefox & chrome don't show you. Yes, they'll tell me it's 272.35 pixels, but in that muted gray that means “you can't drill down in to this, and no, we're not going to tell you how we decided on that number.”

If "theatre" is pronounced as "theater"
and "calibre" is pronounced as "caliber"
is "libre" pronounced as "liber"?

@robotbill The announcement tells a story about bringing more of Gitter's features to Matrix: matrix.org/blog/2020/09/30/wel

but aside from a GitLab integration bot that still posts to Gitter's twitter account for every deploy event, there's been nothing on the Gitter blog, and nothing obviously Gitter-related on Element's blog.

Element has gained beta support for threads recently, I guess?

@robotbill Yeah, Gitter has more focus on open communities. Search-engine-friendly archives you don't have to be signed in and joined to the channel to see.

Gitter was acquired by Element (the driving force behind the Matrix chat network) a little under two years ago. It's not clear to me what its future is.

@meena Who else would name the programmers' things?

Is there someone else I should turn to when I have something in need of naming?

@thatgeoguy Oh yeah, Discourse! That is the thing people are using these days, isn't it. Hmm.

@meejah @thatgeoguy These are also all direct alternatives to Discord: a focus on mostly-synchronous chat with sentence-length messages.

I don't think it's viable for us to _replace_ Discord. It's got sizable adoption among our target audience, and nothing else can compete on barrier to entry.

What I'm looking for is a replacement for the decrepit forum instance that might serve as an adjunct to chat.

Tends toward longer, more asynchronous posts, more focused topic threads. Example use case: support requests.

@thatgeoguy It's been long enough since I've been an IRC regular that it always feels weird to go back. There are no reactji on messages! How am I supposed to have a conversation without reactji???

—but back to the topic at hand, IRC has similar problems for discoverability.

I guess have, occasionally, ended up at some IRC log as the result of a web search, but I don't know how those logs are maintained.

Alternately, do you have any recommendations for how to make the knowledge in a Discord more web-discoverable?

A naive bot that just dumped incoming messages to static HTML would be super easy. But I think privacy and anti-spam concerns make write-once archives a bad idea. Are there any implementations better thought out?

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Some recent toots imploring people not to use Discord, because it's a black hole for knowledge compared to other things with web-searchable archives.

Point taken.

But they were suggesting using web forums, and, well, our forum runs on some neglected host beyond its supported lifespan with no easy upgrade path, and… 😩

Nobody uses FidoNet or Usenet or wants to join mailing lists anymore.

What would you recommend as a forum for an project? Ad-free with minimal (preferably zero) infrastructure maintenance requirements.

@mcc Kotlin has some good things going for it, but that table—yeah, I have spent a disproportionate amount of my time with Kotlin reading and re-reading that page of the docs trying to decide which of those things was appropriate for me to use at the moment, if any.

Today I learned that 292 years is the amount of nanoseconds you can fit in 63 bits.

This fun fact brought to you by Docker and golang.

thank u ☁️

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