The fight for diversity, equality and inclusion is the fight for software freedom. Our movement will only be successful if it includes everyone. RMS does not speak for these values.


@gaditb Ooh okay. I thought Minecraft came from space! But thank you, I see the way of things now.

Is nyan cat involved somehow? Or is that an unrelated project?

(Does this instance not have a nyan emojo? CAT ZWJ BREAD ZWJ RAINBOW)

Okay, I need someone to Explain The Joke: Why is Hatsune Miku the new name behind GNU?

(You don't need to explain why the previous person in that role has to go, I'm caught up on that part.)

The bit I was missing from all the Firefox DNS-over-HTTPS and Firefox Private Network discourse is that Cloudflare had their IPO today.

Happy programmer's day & Friday 13th

Who wants to co-found a professional org for trans people in tech?

This is not a joke by the way, I want to do this.

@esten Oh, that's why my feed is so quiet! No syndicated sparkling Cara wit and transit selfies.

@zkat Kat. Are you okay? Blink twice if you need an intervention.

In this "armed robber" meme format, is the robber saying something that happens to be the exact thing that provokes a response from you? Or are they *trying* to get you to give up your location?

The first seems improbable and I'm unclear why they would do the second.

re: shitpost 

I'm struggling with a community development phenomenon that's been going on for a while around me, particularly in tech-centered Slack groups.

Something about the affordances of Slack combined with the tendencies folks to like to organize things, but aren't thinking about social schemas ends up making it arranged topically.

There's a problem here: relationships span topics. There's clusters of interest broader than that, and even then, it puts relationships secondary to topic.

@bamfic @zkat and there are some in-between places; not obfuscated, but not licensed for commercial use. For example, Kat's written before about License Zero <>.

One does wonder if the companies building off open source would respect those terms, though, or if they'd keep using that project along with those Sublime Text installations that keep telling them to register.

There are organizations dedicated to enforcing free software licenses (such as @conservancy) but enforcement is likely a slow and expensive process.

@zkat The desire for popularity is real; acknowledgement, renown, knowing something you created is succeeding in the wider world.

As is the fear that if you *don't* grant the permissive license, that work will be overlooked, and in its place will be other implementations, either open source or internal proprietary work that never makes it to the broader ecosystem.

I think there's also another lure there, which is that we hope that if it's popular we'll get a *better* return on our time, because other people (including paid employees) will contribute to it.

I haven't seen anyone try to come up with statistics on that, but I think the chances of that happening are pretty slim in practice. But it's such an attractive idea!

Growing that kind of involvement also takes a lot of interpersonal project management skills, far beyond just committing some code that does a thing well.

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