Learning things! The winglike things there are from an aftermarket drill press attachment. That whole thing can be unthreaded from the drill shaft without any set screws or anything.

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Dear Lazyweb, how do I take the drill chuck off my Black and Decker 7144?

Video is just a little clip trying to show what it looks like.

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social distancing, Gilbert & Sullivan 

@kity hello :blobcatbreadpeek:

Every time I reload the web interface, I get the ① notification pip on the 📣 again.

Is there supposed to be a way for me to acknowledge the announcement so it stays "read" somehow?

train of thought:

• I need to get up from the computer.
• What's a program that will kick me off the computer?
• Oh, `workrave` is still maintained, but the website is derelict? Do they need any help to get the new one ready?
• Here's a different program in a language I like better. But some of these dependencies seem superfluous. Could I reimplement those functions to streamline it?
• This API says it's been deprecated in favor of something about a "Seat." What's a Seat?
• I'm still hungry.
• I need to get up from the computer.

@pixelpaperyarn The title has the a-ha song running through my head every time I load my feed.

Is that a known (side-)effect?

(I'm working on a pull request I started at the sprint yesterday, that's what reminded me of this.)

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Okay Pythonistas. Pythians. Portlanders and other Cascadians. I'm not at today but I'm signed up for Monday's sprints.

@uint8_t Hmm, a gender with the Unix philosophy?

* be small; do one thing and do it well
* document your options under when someone says `--help`
* read standard input, send all your output to a single standard output stream?

Please share, I'm looking for help on upcoming projects for The Recompiler -- paid positions for editing, print and ebook design, and research support recompilermag.com/2020/02/04/h

@pixelpaperyarn This is but one post of one developer's experience with one ticket, but it echoes an experience so very many web devs have had.

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