Have you ever tried to get the cover off of one of these incandescent-bulb-sized LED lamps?

It's a hilarious exercise for those of us who grew up thinking of light bulbs as the most fragile of things that would crack and implode if you sneezed wrong.

I have put this thing under the leg of a chair and sat on it and it barely cares.

Hey, if you're a person who likes to have serious thoughts about competitive sports and gender, I have found the 14 kiloword article for you: barbellmedicine.com/blog/shade

That's it: Self-destructing posts are like the *opposite* of pinned-posts.

You pin a post when it has something you want all future visitors to see it when they look up your page.

You make a self-destructing post if it's okay that some people see it now, while it's timely, but that you don't want to leave a big pile of on the profile that introduces you.

For a long time I didn't get the appeal of the time-limited social media content (e.g. Snapchat, 24-hour Insta stories, etc). Why would you post anything to a network if you didn't want it to be referenceable forever?

I'm slowly coming around to it.

Sure, both the host and anyone with read access to your feed _could_ capture it and archive or redistribute it, so don't trick yourself into thinking those aren't still risks. But it filters the audience a bit (in some self-selecting way I probably don't understand too well), and it's a way to share things that don't accumulate on your profile page as it's seen by future visitors.

@ehashman I won't make the meetup tonight, but do enjoy our unseasonably cold and blustery city!

peeve (😾) 

@jamey (Disclaimer: My choices here are not the right choices for everyone! Different people have different risk profiles than me! They arrive at different conclusions for their comfort and safety.)

(Also, I would very much like many more people to never lack for comfort and safety *and also* never be discouraged from publicly celebrating important milestones and anniversaries, but I don't have a simple fix for that.)

@jamey But then you basically can't have public birthday celebrations, or publicly disclose what cohort you had in school or when you received certain accreditations, just to pick a few of the more common examples.

And while I may live under a rock these days, it feels like it'd be putting power in the wrong hands to say "don't let the world know you're celebrating your birthday."

@jamey 😀 Yes, that's not a thing I really believe in keeping secret for myself.

Regardless of however many places might mistake it for an authentication token.

infotainment high-five apophenia markup language support system

From @chawleeknight@twitter.com:

fae (xe/xyr): may i have your pronouns?
me (they/them): sure! they/them
fae (they/them): thanks :)
me ( / ): wait

- twitter.com/chawleeknight/stat

@ln That's impressive!

And also, why a 615 ppi display??? That's *amazing* but also ridiculous for this application?

After seeing this clip i.imgur.com/OZlTjrg.gifv

I went on a little exploration of triple pendulums last night.

There was a kinetic sculpture artist here in Oregon, Ken Patton, who did a lot of neat stuff, including rotation in more dimensions: youtube.com/watch?v=3Rgs4KTdl1


@jamey Eek.

I guess I *do* like knowing that someone is committed to figuring it out, instead of "eh, things happen."

I hope it comes with confidence that they can and will figure it out, and it's not "I'm excited to figure out what's causing this! But first we'll need to apply for some research grants and find someone to underwrite the construction of a new tachyon interferometer..."

Doikayt: A Jewish TTRPG Anthology

I have no additional commentary; the tagline is likely enough to pique your interest if it's your kind of thing. I was excited to be told this is a thing that exists!

necessary rider for all Kickstarter links:

I support the efforts of the Kickstarter staff who are working to form a union, as do the organizers of this campaign! At this time, Kickstarter United is not calling for a boycott, but is asking management to

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