I went to go write a blog post on stuff.
Wrote few words.
Spent many more hours on tweaking the CSS for edge cases that are nice-to-have but far from critical.

And as a bonus, I managed to repeatedly freeze up Firefox in the process!

The American Dialect Society's Word of the Year selections are in for 2021.

Word of the Year: insurrection
Most Likely to Succeed: antiwork
Most Useful: hard pants
Political Word of the Year: insurrection
Digital Word of the Year: #​FreeBritney
Pandemic-Related Word of the Year: boosted
Financial/Economic Word of the Year: supply chain
Informal Word of the Year: yassify
Most Creative Word of the Year: Fauci ouchie
Euphemism of the Year: unalive


@alexisvl @uint8_t ah, it pains me. but thank you for the explanation.

@alexisvl @uint8_t …would you like to explain it to my friend?

he doesn't get it,

and after seeing this comment, he insists it must because he is far too intelligent to recognize anything so dumb

@ehashman eee! This must be such a relief to have completed! Congratulations!!!

@ln Been there.

I was very relieved when I got the go-ahead to move that query to an *actual* graph database.

I 💙 postgresql but it turns out, surprisingly enough, that SQL is not actually the right tool for every job!

@ansate For reals. It's why I'm disappointed every time people talk about time management as if it were the be-all and end-all of organizational skills.

@xssfox If we continuously rotate the monitor, we should be able to take advantage of the persistence of vision effect to display the whole circle.

Comes with bonus temporal antialiasing at no added cost!

re: (-) 

@ehashman That's terrifying.

Sending this duo for emotional support. i.imgur.com/2LYPK6n.mp4

@meena Meanwhile, .12 + .22

…somehow this is one of those topics I've read up on repeatedly but I guess it hasn't really stuck.

@SuricrasiaOnline No option for 100x slower, as the world is still recovering from the Apple vs Amazon war that followed Amazon's acquisition of TSMC in 2038?

The most common CPU available to the general public is manufactured with 100nm lithography, the design derived from the venerable MAD2WD1.

How many Team members are paid for the work they do for the language or its ecosystem?

How many members of the moderation team were paid for their work for the community?

When making screenshots of an application for use in documentation, should one turn off subpixel rendering in the font system?

How likely is it that the subpixel ordering and alignment on the reader's display is the same as it is here?

@zkat Quaternion is saying “You don't have permission to post that to the room. user_level (0)"

@zkat I figured it out! Mostly. I got myself a matrix•org account, joined the channel, and I can see the user list of who else is in the channel. But no messages?

@keith True of Rust and Go, but at the start of this thread I thought you were talking about containerized app distribution! e.g. Firefox's snaps, etc.

[keturn says, having just installed a whole set of flatpaks to try to build a rust desktop app.]

@cr1901 @keith Shucks. I'd been hoping the binary API instability was only a quality of the language being in the toddler phase, and it would grow out of it soon.

But if the community thinks of it more as an anti-goal than a future-goal, I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up.

Ooooh, you're moderating a channel, not hosting an instance, is that it? That explains things. I'd misunderstood.

@zkat Thank you for hosting! Is account creation enabled here? I'm not sure how this works; element's account creation form doesn't believe matrix.to is a valid homeserver.

@meena There is a click event listener attached to that element, yes. I haven't traced down its effects.

But yes, there is also CSS set up to do it the non-JavaScript way:

[Show More] is a <label> element for an input element with type=checkbox. Interacting with the label changes the state of the corresponding input.

There is also a CSS rule saying
input.spoiler:checked ~ .content { display: none; }

Meaning: Do not display elements with class=content if they are directly after this checkbox and it is checked.

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