I saw a form that had a "select one" prompt where one of the options was "Gender Fluid."

It brought this image to mind.

Dear Lazyweb, how do I take the drill chuck off my Black and Decker 7144?

Video is just a little clip trying to show what it looks like.

cat medical care fundraising 

I know there are an overwhelming number of these asks, but since this is the .cat instance, I thought of bringing this here.

This sweet boy, Monstro, is six years old and undergoing urgent surgery. His prognosis is good, but it's a big medical expense.

Join his human's fundraising stream at twitch.tv/zer0doxy
if the stream is no longer going, donations are accepted at streamlabs.com/zer0doxy/tip

test post, images, custom emoji 

Need to check to see how external resources show up in the feed. :blobcatbreadpeek:​ 😺

programming, Advent of Code 

My solutions, if you're in to that sort of thing, are at gitlab.com/keturn/advent2018/t

Except for when I'm feeling fancy and want to put a visualizer on it, that has a different set of build requirements and is at gitlab.com/keturn/advent2018-g

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Some silliness brought to you by GitHub's myoctocat.com/

Is an octocat a fursona? Do octocats have fur? I guess that's one question.

work in progress 

Here's a little glimpse of my work in progress from what I've been playing with for.

Using geometry from keyboard-layout-editor.com.

graphics, kotlin 

Dabbling in graphics with libktx (a interface to libgdx), and I guess I don't understand the coordinate system yet.

The text and the red box (and the lower-left corner of the black outline) all have their x, y as 100, 100

which makes sense if 0, 0 is lower-left and positive-x is right and positive-y is up

yet a box drawn from there goes above, but the text goes below?

mostly below, that is, because part of it ascends above the y=100 line?


This week I learned that most browsers (except Edge) have animated PNG support these days.

caniuse.com/#feat=apng toot.cat/media/XWwqEJcvgL8W0VH

I love what reactji, made popular by Slack, have done for text chat and I hardly know how to converse without them anymore.

The Slack I frequent most has made extensive additions to our emoji set. But today Slack switched to using platform-native emoji and it's thrown us into disarray. toot.cat/media/u2XQmRj0J_VZVRm

I fear I have not posted a toot of me with a cat on my toot.cat account. Allow me to remedy this. toot.cat/media/efjqpYDnI30HjUm


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