Trying out tools for near-real-time monitoring of metrics in a desktop application. JDK Mission Control does okay here.

selfie, eye contact 

Felt cute, might fall back asleep later.

The home network is shaping up.

I was pleased to discover this house is already wired with usable cat 5e. But it just ended here in a jumble, unterminated.

I installed a patch panel and figured out where _most_ of the cables go, but three mystery cables remain.

I saw a form that had a "select one" prompt where one of the options was "Gender Fluid."

It brought this image to mind.

Dear Lazyweb, how do I take the drill chuck off my Black and Decker 7144?

Video is just a little clip trying to show what it looks like.

cat medical care fundraising 

I know there are an overwhelming number of these asks, but since this is the .cat instance, I thought of bringing this here.

This sweet boy, Monstro, is six years old and undergoing urgent surgery. His prognosis is good, but it's a big medical expense.

Join his human's fundraising stream at
if the stream is no longer going, donations are accepted at

test post, images, custom emoji 

Need to check to see how external resources show up in the feed. :blobcatbreadpeek:​ 😺

programming, Advent of Code 

My solutions, if you're in to that sort of thing, are at

Except for when I'm feeling fancy and want to put a visualizer on it, that has a different set of build requirements and is at

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Some silliness brought to you by GitHub's

Is an octocat a fursona? Do octocats have fur? I guess that's one question.

work in progress 

Here's a little glimpse of my work in progress from what I've been playing with for.

Using geometry from

graphics, kotlin 

Dabbling in graphics with libktx (a interface to libgdx), and I guess I don't understand the coordinate system yet.

The text and the red box (and the lower-left corner of the black outline) all have their x, y as 100, 100

which makes sense if 0, 0 is lower-left and positive-x is right and positive-y is up

yet a box drawn from there goes above, but the text goes below?

mostly below, that is, because part of it ascends above the y=100 line?


This week I learned that most browsers (except Edge) have animated PNG support these days.

I love what reactji, made popular by Slack, have done for text chat and I hardly know how to converse without them anymore.

The Slack I frequent most has made extensive additions to our emoji set. But today Slack switched to using platform-native emoji and it's thrown us into disarray.

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