For a long time I didn't get the appeal of the time-limited social media content (e.g. Snapchat, 24-hour Insta stories, etc). Why would you post anything to a network if you didn't want it to be referenceable forever?

I'm slowly coming around to it.

Sure, both the host and anyone with read access to your feed _could_ capture it and archive or redistribute it, so don't trick yourself into thinking those aren't still risks. But it filters the audience a bit (in some self-selecting way I probably don't understand too well), and it's a way to share things that don't accumulate on your profile page as it's seen by future visitors.

That's it: Self-destructing posts are like the *opposite* of pinned-posts.

You pin a post when it has something you want all future visitors to see it when they look up your page.

You make a self-destructing post if it's okay that some people see it now, while it's timely, but that you don't want to leave a big pile of on the profile that introduces you.

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