infotainment high-five apophenia markup language support system

@keturn Wow, that page is awesome, and also, you understand you're publicly announcing your birth year, right? 😅

@jamey 😀 Yes, that's not a thing I really believe in keeping secret for myself.

Regardless of however many places might mistake it for an authentication token.

@keturn Just checking 😁

The ease of turning birthday into home address, for instance, makes me pretty paranoid about it.

@jamey But then you basically can't have public birthday celebrations, or publicly disclose what cohort you had in school or when you received certain accreditations, just to pick a few of the more common examples.

And while I may live under a rock these days, it feels like it'd be putting power in the wrong hands to say "don't let the world know you're celebrating your birthday."

@jamey (Disclaimer: My choices here are not the right choices for everyone! Different people have different risk profiles than me! They arrive at different conclusions for their comfort and safety.)

(Also, I would very much like many more people to never lack for comfort and safety *and also* never be discouraged from publicly celebrating important milestones and anniversaries, but I don't have a simple fix for that.)

@keturn I agree with every point you're making! My threat model includes the possibility that internet trolls, who already harass my spouse on a semi-regular basis, someday might well escalate to SWATting or other potentially-lethal tactics. It's really hard to evaluate risks under those circumstances. I am very glad you don't have to be personally concerned about that kind of threat; I wish nobody did.

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