Chain of thought:

• nighttime noisy neighbors and daytime loud engine yard equipment are bad.
• I should live on the Moon, like Spaceboy.
• I wonder what Internet latency from the Moon is like.
• round-trip distance is around 2,500 ms 🙁
• how are we going to do fully automated luxury gay space communism with ping times like these?

@keturn well, the InterPlanetary File System folks seem to believe the answer is Content-Centric Networking instead of packet-oriented. I think they're partly right, but that can't be a complete solution, because sometimes you just need to get some data to a particular place...

@clacke @keturn Oh right, I keep forgetting that in the last decade this idea's proponents have changed what they're calling it...

@jamey @keturn Oh! Right! I didn't even pay attention enough to realize you were talking about the same thing. 😀

Named Data Networking allows for packet streams too, basically the ACK in TCP is replaced with a request for the next packet. Practical tests have shown only a halving in throughput compared to more reasonable levels of abstraction.
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