After a lot of math and statistics on webcomics readership numbers, I have determined that the webcomics which connect the "non-porn webcomics" and the "porn webcomics" are: Oglaf, Ménage à 3, and to a lesser extent, Delve. 🤔

The SVG image of all 1.2 million reasonably significant connections between 2,970 webcomics is 354MB and took about 80 minutes to generate with graphviz' `fdp`.

Rendering that SVG to a 32767x27289 PNG (the largest that Cairo can handle) is 163MB, and makes eog and gimp crash.

I'm at a bit of a loss for how to visualize this 😰

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@jamey I'm surprised that those crash at "only" 32k pixels wide!

Well ... okay. 900 megapixels when the renderer is probably using *at least* 32 bpp is a fair bit of work if not written with that use case in mind.

@jamey From past experience, I also fear you're going to finally get that image to open and find that any graph with a million connections is utterly unintelligible. 😖

Good luck! 🤞

@keturn So far I've been able to see that there's a central blob and an interesting blob off to the side 😅

@keturn Yeah, I was surprised too, but this multiplies out to 3.3GB uncompressed. I have 16GB of RAM but I can certainly believe things have 5x overhead. Although eog actually seg-faulted, rather than being OOM-killed, which seems likely to outright be a bug.

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