Anyone else think a decentralized banner/link exchange standard is a good idea?

If you want to encourage your visitors to also visit somebody else's site, you should be able to do that by copying a single URL they provide. No third party needed.

That URL would point to a JSON document or something with the info you need to show link banners of various sizes. It could also list other sites you might want to support.

We could replace ads with a free and easy way to support each other.

@jamey @erosdiscordia wait a second. are we reinventing webrings?! because i’m in

@alana @erosdiscordia I watched somebody put together a reinvented webring at IndieWeb Summit last year ( and that's cool. But I think the visual approach with banner images, and rotating through a variety of links so they aren't the same all the time, is an important mode as well.


@jamey What does the URL-to-JSON provide beyond, uh, another URL?

I guess a file that has multiple banner sizes in it gives you more options for responsive design?

@keturn Yeah, if you're going to do image-based links, people need a variety of sizes to fit in different designs. There are de facto standards from the internet advertising industry that people often use, like the 728x90 "Leaderboard" and the 160x600 "Skyscraper", although IAB is now recommending using aspect ratio rather than pixel sizes (

I also want to let people curate lists of other sites they think deserve more attention, and those lists could go in there too.

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