Anyone else think a decentralized banner/link exchange standard is a good idea?

If you want to encourage your visitors to also visit somebody else's site, you should be able to do that by copying a single URL they provide. No third party needed.

That URL would point to a JSON document or something with the info you need to show link banners of various sizes. It could also list other sites you might want to support.

We could replace ads with a free and easy way to support each other.

Project Wonderful's ad network became effectively a banner exchange for most people, where money changed hands occasionally and a handful of people were able to make a living. Now that they've stopped operating, I think it's time to bring back the free banner exchange concept (like the original, but without a central authority.

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@jamey A tangent, but: So much LinkExchange history there I didn't know! They received $3 M (in 1997 dollars!) and acquired a shopping cart and sold to Microsoft 18 months later?


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