My cat's new nickname is BarfButt

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I like my mattresses like I like my humans: firm and with a removable, washable cover

I'm back, and this time I'm here with a jealous cat

I like my mattresses like I like my humans: firm and with a removable, washable cover

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please remember about the true purpose of radio technology

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Anyway please boost this toot with my new main account, until I figure out how to spam y'all

me when my friends ask how i'm settling in over here


love to start my week sobbing in the shower

500 words written today, that means I've taken myself out for a pint

Forgot i was scrolling thru birdsite and saw a post by Gordon Ramsay

It was very confusing to think he was over here

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:heart_bi: boost to join the bi alliance :heart_bi:

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Itt: share your post-collapse survival skills that will ensure a thriving bofa commune

I'm a decent gardener and have a working knowledge of food preservation techniques including salt fermentation, dehydration, and pressure canning.

I can sew by hand and with a machine and knit.

I could probably deliver a baby and do basic first aid

I can also bake the fuck out of some bread but unless one of y'all knows how to thresh and mill grain I think that might not be a useful skill

Oh btw this was in jest after i mentioned they took my "not too much volume" for the blow dry too seriously

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Got a haircut yesterday, and my boyfriend said I looked like the head of a match.

Lmk if you want to borrow him for a confidence boost!

Look at him posing :blobcat:

Pls boost this autumnal boy

what does ACAB stand for? I keep seeing it in profiles

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a sufficiently existing cat is indistinguishable from magic

drinking whisky and doing crosswords, wyd?

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"squishing is your best friend if you're dealing with a cat"

omg I miss my cat and he's just, like, over there

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