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rolling thunder 

looking over the new box set
it's mostly recorded in massachusetts (!)

a long time ago
still soundin good to me

(just watched "hard rain" tv from end of tour in 1976 (generally panned, but i think time has been kind to this set for it's extremely loose vibe (also dylan + baez = magic)))

🎪 🎶

"i met one man
wounded in love
i met another man
wounded in hatred."

walking home
a sedan pulls up-
two grey haired ladies within

barking out, "what street is this?"
me: chestnut (correct answer)

gesturing across her body, "no no no THIS one ..."
me: lowell (again correct)

me: what do i win?

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"As ugly as a teenage millionaire pretending it's a whizz kid world
you'll take me aside and say
"Well, David, what shall i do? They wait for me in the hallway"
I'll say "don't ask me, I don't know any hallways"
But they move in numbers and the've got me in a corner
I feel like a group of one, no no they can't do this to me
I'm not some piece of teenage wildlife"


"“This is my charge to everyone. We have to be better. We have to love more. Hate less. We got to listen more and talk less. We got to know that this is everybody’s responsibility.”


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The Korean Invention of the Printing Press, Almost 200 Years Before Gutenberg

"But Choe Yun-ui did that — and he did it 150 years before Gutenberg was even born."

words like clothes
protecting the vulnerable

(silent truths)


Practising an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possibly can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.”


fifa wwc 

(and teammates, staff, ...)

a stunning performance on and off the pitch ...

also netherlands, england, sweden and all competitors provided a splendid tournament for football fans and feminists the world over ...

⚽ ⭐

usa (systemic racism) 

(from huffpost)
The self-described “Western chauvinist” Proud Boys were heavily guarded by police as they gathered at Freedom Plaza.

(could it be more obvious?)

on vacation
with relations

(christain warriors
point their swords
toward me)


idiots blowing shit up
to celebrate american "freedom"
(actually ignorance)

yee hah!

visiting family
(friends better)

@whaxion @Whaxion
i think my account was deleted

i don't want to make problems
it was generous of you to host my account for all the time you did

do you want me off of or was it a tech (backup) catastrophe?

gender, sports 

i conceive of gender as (infinite) spectrum

what about women's sports?
i kinda feel like a traitor enjoying fifa women's world cup so much
(since it attempts to enforce binary division)

am i just making up problems for myself?


not nationalistic

usa (still) playing amazing
in fifa womens world cup
england brave and fierce till end
usa just better
(i kinda hate to say it)

also includes bonus LGBTQ+ support
thx to eloquence of rapino
(on and off pitch)

obviously, i'm really enjoying this tournament

in an airport
(under surveillance)
waiting to catch a ride
to a place i lived in long ago

heaviest baggage
from my mind

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