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one nice thing about it being hot af in boston MA right now

sitting on porch, smoking weed, and playing weird music is about the only way to endure it all



btw, with quarantine (essentially) over in massacusetts USA i've been bringing out my drum with your mandala on the resonant head (the one i do not hit)

last week a new percussionist was just amazed at it (never having seen it)

maybe you felt the sparkles ✨
(or maybe it was something else ...)


uspol (miltary empire) 

USA drops (additional) bombs on iran/syria

+ syria already mostly a pile of rubble
+ helps hyper religious iranian government gain more support
+ bombing just remote killing

what could go wrong?
(hint: review reports (outside of USA empire propaganda) of previous bombing campaigns against nations/political groups in this region)


periodic reminder 

the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house


been watching a bunch of midsomer murders ...

the (sanitized) beautiful english countryside as the background for a (literary) killing

each the same yet different


as some (like me) are looking for a post-pandemic living style,
i can't help but see the global quatantine as a dividing line through all the lives that survived it

(no matter what is on either side)


why did it take me this long to discover the cooling benefits of feet in water?

now i know



TIL police kill 3 people per day in america


uspol (juneteenth, MA) 

juneteenth usa federal holiday long overdue (one more step forward toward mass human liberation)

happy to see my senator (markey, a white man (from MA ... surprise! (not))) standing with the mostly african american crowd around biden as he signed the law

"no one is free until all of us are free"

i do learn a lot about language by reading them (... maybe i should start saying them too)

her command of language is inspiring: not just vocabulary, also meter, voice, line breaks, allusions, ...

so different from mine

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struggling to get through poems of marianne moore

at times remarkable
yet mostly puzzling
(some 100+ years after being written)

"the fish" is filled with allusions to first world war and militarism in general (as discussed on "poetry in america")

missed them all

also, the contruction of the poetry requires a lot of attention and "de-coding" of the language (a more sophisticated literary culture existing then, having no competition from recorded music or internet diversions)

i keep at it



the empire eats itself

(climate continues to deteriorate, daily mass shootings, daily police killings (esp POC), white supremacists rampage, neo-facists beat up elderly minorities, endless manufacturered media outrage, blah, blah, and fuckin blah)

aren't we better off just splitting this shit up into eight-ish regions ...

to say nothing of dissolving DOD

for our grandchildern's grandchildren

for our sanity


mind space





saw 2 of my 3 adult children today
and a niece from far away
so nice to have it go pretty well

don't do much with "blood" family
for this or that reason

others have filled the gaps

so today was like flexing muscles i rarely use


gentle night
rain rinces being[s] alive-
social media
(sans technologie)


police propaganda 

a police officer from worcester MA tragically died trying to rescue a swimmer in distress

it has triggered a giant wave of relentless pro-police propaganda (endless use of "hero" and many shots of officers standing in formation and mentions of "police family")

i guess much better than covering boston police comissioner fired for his history of domestic abuse (hidden by "blue wall"); or the latest fatal shooting of unarmed POC by police ...




got a lineageOS update (18.3 (?)) with redrawn emojis and new ones too

picture language[s] continue to evolve
πŸ§ πŸ”‘πŸ“ˆ

+ hard ice tea
(for ever more immobilities)


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