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just one method
to connect seen & unseen worlds:

thank heavens for poets


in the middle of the night
generally a bad idea
to check fediverse
(as you will be diverted
(instead of sleeping))

that is all


meditation so good this morning-
timer sounds
for more than one minute
before hearing it


possible future step for
human evolution:
activities concerned
with unseen worlds
do not focus on singletons
saviors or guides
(jesus, mohammed, buddha);
instead, it is shared values
that hold the way forward


going to finish the entire
french press carafe
of coffee
all by my fucking self

"hello external monologue"

thank you
(i had been looking for that)

kurds, uspol 

words fail me:
PKK an inspiration to so many

go to hell (of any type or description)
tRump and erdogan



"We are entering a period of immense danger in which this self-serving president's stupidity and ruthlessness could lead to almost anything ..."


being alive (itself) is
interesting enough

(so go to bed when tired)

also "dirty dishes (sitting in the sink for a while)"

if it's any consolation- pretty much the same here in boston ...


"muted earth tones" not my favorite
also fused glass cones for Z not working so well for me

so what?
in a few days there will be another ...

(and my opinion is just that: one opinion)

Meta- Le Birdhouse & That Other Crap I Deleted 



(also, correct percentage is just under 1/3 (still- a ton of work, you should feel good about that (even if it's not all your peak output)))


Meta- Le Birdhouse & That Other Crap I Deleted 

but that's ok- why not give you an extra 100 days of production ...

i'm sure you were doing *something* productive on those days

Meta- Le Birdhouse & That Other Crap I Deleted 

math error on my part- i gave you and extra 100

Meta- Le Birdhouse & That Other Crap I Deleted 

190 / 281 is roughly two thirds.

so you have (on average) completed a collage on two thirds of the days of this year.

pretty fuckin awesome!


"The history of New England, and especially
of Massachusetts, is full of the horrors that have turned life into gloom, joy and despair, natu-
ralness into disease, honesty and truth into hideous lies and hypocrisies."
(from "the hypocrasy of puritanism")


maybe ...
"dottie" is from st.louis MO
dave from VA
(although many families are geographically distant)

carter family bio looks interesting ...


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