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(hope it wasn't also system disintegration)


Did This Protracted, Weak-Ass Joke About Jews & Nazis Before. Now Doing It Again 


porches (i've forgotten)



maybe it's a word to only read and write but never say or hear

(impractical, sure- but interesting thought experiment)


thank you
(actual laughing out loud occurred in my vicinity)


twilight sky
so slow
still moving


โ€œRacism and capitalism emerged at the same time, in 15th-century western Europe, and theyโ€™ve reinforced each other from the beginning.โ€ Slavery and colonialism accumulated the wealth that powered capitalist expansionism.


so true-
humans often
imperfect or disingenuous

"if night would turn to day
a lot of people would run away

who the cap fit
let them wear it"

reading series
to talk to my son

i don't love it
yet keep reading
(aside from value as conversation fodder)

i like sentient castle, amusing jaegers (smott)
could do without soft porn drawings (always running around in underwear), traditional gender dynamics

i keep reading anyway


i have a smaller din (of which you are a part)

but yes, you should feel good that you have a unique voice that is (in some way) appreciated by others you have never met face to face ...

(as well as many others whom you have met face to face)


missed your voice ...
(difficult to catalog others)

welcome back!



i got a $200. used pixel (sailfish) and it works great.

bonne chance!


i get your complaint ...
(also, why C ... isn't A the start of the alphabet (also syncing with your 440Hz arg (although this tuning reference pitch has gotten increasingly more sharp over time)))

but there are causes!

i think "middle" C is because it's more or less in the middle of the human vocal range (aside from the "why C" conundrum mentioned above)

with MIDI they just picked a tone (again C), called it 0 and went up.

a problem with 60 is that there are 12 notes to the octave (base 12); accordingly, our digital (base 10) system does not align ...

anyway, music systems are always flawed ...


i think it's due to a more general nostalgic haze meant to obscure the rough edges of surveillance capitalism ...

but you are absolutely correct about shit public transport in 'murica

meditated this morning
(also read avatamsaka (10p))

i need to do it more often
(including struggling through until meditation timer)

helps me while alive

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