also, as a resident of waltham
i too am physically close to amherst
(although not as close as you)

As all the Heavens were a Bell,
And Being, but an Ear,
And I, and Silence, some strange Race
Wrecked, solitary, here –


just sitting
one point seemed completely empty

(it passed)

i always trust emily

"If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry."

uspol (covid dead total) 

if we take away each usa citizen's death (from covid) from the current year, we are living in 97980 BCE

that's the middle palaeolithic

with one person dying for each year from then until now-
an american (voter (mostly))

and more importantly, a human being

how is this anything other than a massive fail by national leadership and government?

(and that's not even getting into the systemic racism manifest in the disproportionately high percentage of these deaths that are POC)

i just needed to write this down because i need to keep reminding myself that this is true


watching clouds
so much better than watching teevee

birds singin along (in my mind) to tunes i'm playin


porch livin


uspol (biden PBS) 

biden says "bad things are going to happen" when asked about police brutality

sorry, not good enough
(never liked dems, but was appalled at his response)

then again usa a nation of military ideologues- sanctifying law enforcement and the military (so why would biden behave differently)

Money, Snarking At Trump, Etc. 


(forgot to close parens (we all have our obsessions, n'est-ce pas?))

Money, Snarking At Trump, Etc. 


you don't give yourself nearly enough credit

text labels already feature prominently in your work

you could give it a try (but then you'd need to have a political opinion on something (o wait, you ALREADY have a political opinion (sometimes several) on everything under the sun)


Money, Snarking At Trump, Etc. 


i am sure you could reinterpret the political cartoon as a collage (if you thought it was a worthwhile use of your time)


uspol MN rebellion 

typically law enforcement escalates in response
(what could go wrong?)

i bet indicting police officers would do far more to reduce rebellion than increasing arrests and law enforcement brutality


nice today
sitting in silence
i am comfortable

uspol MN 

"thugs" says tRump
(more gasoline on raging fire)

+ systemic racism?
+ police killing black people with no accountability? (again (and again (and ...)))
+ state responds with (more) violence (predictably)
+ "firing" officers irrelevant (need to be charged with crimes they committed)

how would things have been different if killer cop (+ other complicit officers) had been indicted?

we'll never know ...

"no justice, no peace"


every time i see
an ad telling me
a faceless corporation
cares about me
and the virus

i want to vomit


mind ok this morning
a good start

started reading
octavia butler
parable of the talents

(minneapolis) cops kill
(another unarmed) black man

"god is change"


waiting for timer increasingly challenging

perhaps a (-nother) manifestation
of isolation due to quarantine

hung in there though (patience)


"... (and) i'm sorry
i'm so crazi
i am astounded
by your patience"


@kity @woozle

there was a time where i was thinking about sending a huge text to test this "feature" (and for conceptual art (a document of one million space and tab characters in some kinda (hidden) pattern))

this has passed. my intention is to mostly keep it under 500 chars (unless inspired)



anxiety coursing through me
unsure of its source

felt it
(tried to)
release it

(did not check timer during (as i had previously))


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