my guess:
picasso excerpts
(2 colored pixelated canvas)

elementary art school



nice- colors, diagonals, bodies with speakers for heads ...

it seems like you may be building up to a (-n artistic) breakthrough ...

i always get the sense there's a rich undercurrent to all your work (part of it's appeal to me) ... so the current seems to be shifting in ways that i have a hard time verbalizing (as it is all "feels" ...)

also milk bottle with spring "label" absolutely outstanding

my comments are only meant to appreciate the work, and encourage you to keep at it ...




i vote for putting it on the shelf-
let "the back of your mind" work on it for a while ...

(trust the force)

regardless, good luck!


Two years ago, 45 thousand people made plans to show up in Boston on Sat. August 19th to say: Your hatred is NOT welcome here.

Lets repeat that again on Saturday, August 31st!


We support the courageous ANTIFA protesters keeping Portland safe from the police and fascists in the streets.

Nazis are at our doorstep and you put your bodies on the line to keep our communities safe.

Solidarity, we stand with you

EZLN expands, mexico pol 

maybe pub a (colored) line around the text like a frame ... ?

(i agree it's a worthy subject to put time into making a nice graphic of)

nice, breaking out a bit

(would have liked a dash of contrasting color (but no accounting for taste))

"They know they are not one or two,
Not defiled and not pure,
And also not without mixture-
All arise from one's own notions."

on transcendent awareness/reality
(but also applicable to gender)


pdx demo 

"Then again some lands
Have countless kinds of pollution:
This is due to beings experiencing everything
According to their acts"

(karmic explanation of emergency)

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