my recollection is that he had recurrent visions of europe swallowed by an ocean of blood before 1st world war and his attempts to understand those visions led him to a wider conception of human consciousness outside of the christian culture he was born into (and red book).

reading secrets of golden flower translation by cleary (with appendix on willhelm/jung's translation of same) helped me better understand lingering christian framework in jung's work


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"only" 400-ish pages (of 1500) left to read of cleary's english translation of avatamsaka sutra

what have i learned so far?
+ buddhist cosmology
+ religious texts usually explicitly propagandize their supporting institutions
+ ancient texts are beneficial to minds of modern readers
+ nature of reality will always be beyond my ability to comprehend it
+ slow and steady wins the race
+ everything matters
+ this list is incomplete and inaccurate



i agree that he was never a true believer

red book "revealed" to me that he was imprinted with christianity (and i acknowledge his open mind toward consciousness in its many manifestations ("flavors")) ...

i will own that it may well be my own anti-clericism coloring my recollections of the red book

prolly worth another read through ...

i used to imagine jung as a buddha of sorts (connected to deep mystical truths); the more i read, the more i understand he was only a human being (with a broader, more evolved outlook on human culture(s)) ...

so that's progress for me, right?


i got something quite different from red book-
for all his awareness and interest in non-western cultures (and their archetypes), christianity permeates his visions and expressions thereof

his god always seemed the christian god (sometimes "in translation")

maybe i'll take another look ...




as i said, i don't strike it ever
so it's only rain and boston city air that gets at it

there were no good pix of it that i've seen from this recent festival, but i'll try to remember to send you one (so you can see how it's holding up)


btw, played a few festivals this weekend, and (as always) many people came up to me to say how beautiful the mandala you made for me is.

i could only agree wholeheartedly.

💙 💚 💛 💜

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Google, Android tech discourse 

amazing as it might seem
i have actually cleared the piles of paper off my desk
(true, some are only moved to other piles of paper, still, disk surface is visible)

this included holiday cards sent in 2018
ho ho fuckin ho


MA politics 

pages of words

smiling in mind



i agree completely!
(hope you have been able to find any superpowers you may need)

also (if possible) consider recessed handles for cabinets ...

looks good though- nice work!

"detachment from the world"
from avatamsaka sutra

lists of lists
in ancient literature
(relics of memory tricks)

helpful in many ways
for people today
to read and study

reminding them of earlier minds


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