Why can't I have super-cool dynamic graphical debugging screens where I solve complex problems by staring at the screen for half a second and then going tappity-tappity-tap -- like all the cool kids in the movies do?

(...and, having convinced me of my inadequacy, why isn't capitalism trying to sell me a cure for it that I can't really afford?)



because being alive is not the same as being in a show ... ?

also, those graphical things only work if you are working in a manner (and on a code bit) that the designers of IDE have considered

while this may happen to you sometimes, i suspect that soon enough you unique thinking would run afoul of that (narrow) path

i would suspect there are tons of these things for php ... ?

(i use vim, var_export(), and error_log() as my [non-] IDE ... ymmv

Viel Glück!

@js0000 I wasn't super serious in that post...

...but I've tried several PHP IDEs, and I wasn't even that impressed with the one which costs money. I get the impression that most open-source devs don't really see the need for graphical environments, given that the discourse seems to be mainly emacs vs. vim.

(...neither of which work for my brain.)

I mainly use Kate, which is good up to the point where I want to do step-through debugging, and then it requires configuration at which I have not yet succeeded.

Confession: I miss Visual Basic. And MS Access.

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