Can't really say I've knowingly patronized any Disney outlets in the last 10-15 years. But knowing that they're greedy and selfish enough to reopen their fucking theme park right now makes me feel affirmed for that. 🖕

I know about Marvel. Who else do I need to avoid completely to make sure I'm not tossing any pennies at the Monsanto of entertainment?

Also, since I am nothing if not the most famed and venerated positive thinker on Fedi :D , feel free to plug your own fun, homespun, scrappy, not-in-any-way-Disney-bound content here. :)

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read books ...

(although publishers are also shitheads, their smaller scale makes them less awful (just by scale))

myself currently:
chuang tzu (penguin)
poems (e.bishop) (fs&g)

taking a walk can also be enertaining (enough)

bonne chance!


Y'know I had some books once. I should see if I can locate them again. :P



(playing along)
perhaps local library has pick-up arrangements?

_conquest_of_bread_ peut-être?

many other options possible (_valley_of_the_dolls_) ...

easy peasy


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