I'd like to see patronage of arts to be normalized as an ethical standard of civilized life. Like it's completely normal to stop on a red light - it's not because you feel sorry for those who are waiting to cross the street, but because it's normal, an agreed practice, a rule.

Every time I see an artist posting their patreon page asking for support because they can't make ends meet I feel sick because that person has to beg in this way. Then motivation for patronage has a color of pityness.


i think you need to bring down current worldwide manifestation of captialism to make this happen

the arts have physical residue- which can become commodities
(prints, recordings, ...)
these work in a capitalist economy

but the experience of art resists this transformation
(could explain more, but that a different discussion)
it's anti-capitalist in it's very nature
("surplus value" cannot be transferred, is indivdual)
thus worthless (priceless)


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@js0000 I think I understand what you are talking about, and I couldn't agree more. Although I think that even "experience" is to some degree commodified as well, driven by crisis of physical containers/media and virtualisation/digitalisation of increasing number of aspects of life.

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