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Today's been a tiring day. Viv and I went to Kmart, cos I was thinking we needed a new mop, but you know how Kmart is… we came home with a new flat-pack shoe rack and set of shelves I spent the late afternoon and evening assembling. Still need to clean up the mess 😅 But then the more concerning thing is that Gidget's spent nearly the whole day hiding from us… and this is after a few days of her having gone off her wet food (she still eats kibble though), and maybe not grooming as well as usual (her fur feels greasy), and last night she kept persistently trying to bite me for no reason (like, when I was just trying to use my laptop). We've made her a vet appointment for Monday but I can't help but worry till then 💔

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Tripped across Kaprekar's number this morning, something maybe I've seen before and forgot: it's a nice convergent property of almost* all four digit base 10 number where sorting the number from high to low digits and then subtracting a low to high sort from it, iteratively, converges quickly to a stable value of 6174.

*Doesn't work four four-digit rep strings like 1111, 2222, etc; they immediately reach 0 instead.

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Thought I'd share these couple of pictures of Gidget on my lap in the bed the other night. She's a very good snugglebug ❤️

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whoa, TIL about a concept called "monetized anti-librarianism"?!

(see alt text for readable version of screenshot)

Link: Fix the Internet By Writing Good Stuff and Being Nice to People

Not a bad post from 2016, about the concentration of online content into a small number of profit-driven silos and what we should do instead to make the internet a nicer place.

Blogged with thoughts on the Fediverse, IndieWeb and the big social media news of the day: So Elon Musk Bought Twitter

Gizmo came by for a visit last night (he dragged his humans along with him too, of course 🤣), and laid claim to my cushion! Looking at his sweet little face, naturally, I decided he was totally right and let him have the cushion 🐶

Here's Gidget spending a sunny afternoon in her cat bed! Not pictured: the dozens of times Gidget gave me a very non-photogenic side-eye before I finally caught her asleep 😼 Cats will not be tamed 🐈

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A fascinating fact to roll into the weekend: Far away galaxies look bigger in the sky than closer galaxies of the same size.

A short thread from Katie Mack on Birdsite explains it's because the old universe was so small, the same size galaxy took up more of the sky. 🤯

We ordered a dehumidifier recently, and it was delivered yesterday. I've been genuinely surprised just how much water this thing is sucking out of our air – I'm having to empty the tank multiple times a day! I knew this place was prone to damp, and it had been noticeable to me when I checked in on Viv working in the back office that that room would feel thick with humidity when he had the heater cranked… but still I'm surprised 😅 My assumption is that this thing will make it much more possible for us to get laundry done in winter, too, which'll be great!

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#OtD 21 Apr 1856 stonemasons in Melbourne, Australia, went on strike demanding a maximum 8-hour working day. Very well organised, they soon achieved it for workers on public works in the city with no loss of pay

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Get out of here with that "Thread 👇" just make a web blog

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websites back in the 90s: "this site best visualized in the big monopoly company's one web browser, your mozilla browser will give you problems"

websites in the 2020s: "this site best visualized in the big monopoly company's one web browser, your mozilla browser will give you problems"

Ah yes, my favourite day of the year to go to the supermarket: that day seemingly everyone freaks out that the supermarket’s gonna be closed tomorrow, so they stock up on two weeks’ worth of groceries to see them through 😂

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Surprisingly, considering how she responded to the roof tiles being removed, Gidget is being very brave about the actual house next door being demolished. Just watching observantly without seeming too stressed. I’m so relieved for her! 🐱

Next door is about to be demolished for an apartment block, and today tradies were dismantling the roof and noisily chucking the tiles onto the ground below. Gidget was SO SCARED of the noise that not even the kitchen cupboards seemed safe, and after running frantically from spot to spot and feeling insecure in all of them she retreated to her old kitten hiding place: behind the couch 😿

This Indian movie RRR sounds pretty cool (see ABC review). It's described as "…a fictionalised account of two real-life Indian revolutionaries who fought against the British Raj." Apparently it was the second-highest grossing film in Australia last week (behind only The Batman), which is super impressive for a non-English language production!

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