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An uneasy standoff between a puppy and a treat that she doesn't trust at all ended in a stalemate when the puppy fell asleep

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Last night I made chicken cacciatore for dinner, working off @AlexWolfe's recipe. It came out sooooo well! 😋 Big hit with both of us, and of course we got to enjoy the rest of the bottle of red wine with it, haha. I think this'll be going on the regular rotation.

Blogged: Had an Eye Test Today – looks like I am no longer that sole person in my family who doesn't need glasses 🤓

Remember my annoyance three weeks ago when Duolingo rudely denied me the "#1 in the Diamond League" achievement because somehow Diamond Tournament doesn't count? WELL, finally I have got my rightful achievement 😎 Now to never care about getting first place again, lol

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🔖 Wavvy: a free, open source audio editor for the web. Derived from the open source Audacity project and modified to run in the web browser.

The shocking truth dairy farmers don't want you to know 😱 

Oat milk actually tastes better than dairy milk!

In all seriousness, I bought some (instead of dairy) a week ago on a whim and I'm a convert. It actually does taste so much better to me than dairy (plus it's supposed to be better carbon-emission-wise, yay). It is like double the price, but at the rate I go through milk that's like $3 a week, which I don't think is going to break the bank…

Three paragraphs of musings on how I'm gonna deal with Heroku abolishing their free plan 

About a week ago I got an email from Heroku, linking to this blog post, telling me they're abolishing their free plans towards the end of November. This is a bit of a bummer, because currently I rely on Heroku's free plan to run my instance of IndieKit (a Micropub server that allows me to post to my site on the go). I don't use it often enough for me to think it'd be worth upgrading to a $7/month paid plan (and also, that's probably USD, so more likely $11/month). So I feel I'm at a bit of a crossroads.

Do I find some other way to keep my IndieKit instance up and running? (Is there another site like Heroku?) Do I set up some kind of web interface, like Netlify CMS, to preserve my "posting on the go" ability? Do I switch away from Hugo to something less static, with an admin panel? (Haha, after all the effort I put into customising my theme I don't think I'm going to do that one.) Do I decide to just post to Mastodon when I'm on the go, and resign myself to PESOS-ing back once I return to a computer?

I know I have until late November to figure it out. But, unlike every homework assignment I've ever been given, I feel like it would be ideal not to leave this one to the last-minute 😅

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I have a bit of a backlog of Gidget photos now, but rest assured, she's doing well 😅 She LOVES my new office chair (seen here rolling about playfully on it), and she's also letting Viv sleep in to the late hour of 6:30am now she doesn't have to diet any more 😭

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Retweet for New Zealanders in the UK or Australia 

@jbhay sez:

Living in NZ and being exposed to the language, gives you some implicit knowledge of te reo Māori. But how long does this last when you leave? If you are a NZer currently living in the UK or Aus, please help us find out by doing our short online experiment! (1/2)

Our local library had been closed for renovations for a while, but it’s reopened now, so Viv and I went down to check it out this afternoon. We also took out library cards, and man am I impressed at how much stuff I get access to online through that! As well as the obvious ebook/audiobook lending, they have stuff like access to dozens if not hundreds of newspapers (albeit to scans of the print editions) and Mango Languages (which offers a number of languages Duolingo doesn’t teach, including several South Asian languages – although how good those courses are, idk). I know this isn’t an original observation at all, but wow libraries are neat 😅

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Fun fact: The rise of ASCII-based markup languages (like Markdown, reStructuredText, and friends) indicates that the promise of WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) was a false one. It's not actually easier with WYSIWYG. It is harder. It is harder for software to process. It is harder to embed in other spaces. And even when the goal is simple document creation, it is harder because it hides so much that is important to authors: it hides the semantics, the very reason things look like they do.

I know I've been quiet for a few days; we had a really busy weekend (one of Viv's cousins got married! congrats to them!), and it made me too tired to work out what to post 😂 At Saturday's nelengu everyone got these gorgeous henna tattoos, so I suppose I can share a pic of mine! It's still going mostly strong three days later, and I really like having it there actually! Viv suggested to me we should get them more often, because he likes his as well. I'm not sure if that's a Thing People Do though, haha.

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Was gonna do a post about how Fahrenheit as a unit of measure makes absolutely zero sense but then thought I should maybe read up on Wikipedia about it first and yeah soz to my American followers but now it makes even less sense I mean what? brine solution? best guess 96°? what?

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So this has taken up a lot of my energy the last couple of days: creating a new little "desk nook"! If you're really keen I wrote a blog post with a little more background, plus a brief (positive) update on Gidget 🤣

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If you use Mac or iOS, important to update ASAP. There’s two zero day attacks known to be in use.

I gave it a solid eight days’ trial, but I’m closing Arc Browser and moving back to Vivaldi as my default web browser. I really love the UI of Arc, in particular the way its Spaces help me organise my browsing, but for some reason it uses over 100% CPU constantly whenever it’s visible on the screen. I’m sick of hearing my MBA’s fans blasting at full pelt when all I’m doing is basic web browsing on lightweight sites! I’d happily revisit it if I heard a future update fixed the performance issues, though. Apart from that it is really nice to use.

It was great being able to catch up for dinner yesterday with my childhood BFF, Urvi! It had been almost 20 years since we were last able to have a proper chat – I think we'll have to make sure it doesn't take that long again 😅 It was a really good time.

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