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Food delivery service! 📦

Gidget loves to lick up those skerricks of milk that remain at the bottom of my cereal bowl after I've eaten. I figure it's such a small amount, it can't do her any harm 🐱

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So Google Chrome is actually going ahead with killing off ad-blockers and privacy extensions. I wonder if this will signal a shift back to (the far superior browser) Firefox??

The cold snap continues with no end in sight, but at least we got a pretty sunset tonight. My iPhone camera doesn't really do it justice… 🌅

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After toying with the idea for a while, I made an additional Mastodon account to practise writing in (mostly, probably) constructed auxiliary languages:

ATM I think I'll primarily post there in , but there may also be posts in , and I'm also dabbling in now so that might also get a run. And in the future, of course, who knows 😅 Just thought it'd be cool to have a minimal-English account where I can give these languages a workout!

The weather today wasn’t any better than yesterday, but we rugged up well and took Gizmo on his regular beach walk! Even though he was a bit scared of the bigger dogs there I think he enjoyed himself 🐶

Viv got me to walk on the beach with him today, and I guess I feel good for having got the exercise, but MAN the weather was TERRIBLE for it! Our one small mercy was that it didn't rain, but the winds were howling and I ended up with aching ears and a gross dripping nose 😭

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Wrote a blog post, which got longer than I'd intended it to, with thoughts on clothing longevity. (Yes, a couple of Mastodon threads that did the rounds in the last week or so ended up playing on my mind so much that I wrote the post 😆)

Really liked this article: It's Time to Bring Back the AIM Away Message

Personally, these days, I find it really stressful when people expect rapid replies (it's one of the reasons I dislike Discord, for example) and I really value mediums of communication where it's "okay" for me to check my notifications, scroll the timeline, and send out replies whenever I damn well feel like.

I didn't used to find instant messaging stressful, and I think it's because in that pre-smartphone era, people had to actually be on their computer and open their IM app to even be listed as available for conversation. The fact that modern apps seem to presume that everyone is constantly available to take messages is the pits. Let's not just bring back away messages (although those are good too); let's bring back being offline!

The weather for the past three days has been absolutely terribad, but this year at least I've outsmarted it: two months ago, I thought ahead and bought some ski pants, so instead of shivering I am comfy and warm 😎 Take that, stupid winter!

With the cool weather and the front room being a bad place to work what with all the construction work going on next door, Gidget has instead been keeping me company a lot of the time on the bed 😅 If it was up to her I think Viv and I would both always work here.

Blogged about resuming Duolingo’s German and Esperanto courses: Return to Duolingo

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Everybody knows that the Wright Brothers' 1903 Flyer, the first aircraft to successfully fly, is one of the proudest exhibits at the Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC.

What most people DON'T know, however, is that for nearly 40 years, the Smithsonian refused to take it.

The reason why is an epic tale of bruised egos, corporate intrigue and international scandal.

Let's talk about it! ( 🧵​ )

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I want to adress something that was bothering me for days: it's ok to be a beginner and to post your art!

I've been reading many posts with "sorry, I'm a beginner but want to share" and honestly, I don't think anyone should be sorry for posting any level of art. You are aware of your skill and that it can be improved, that's awesome! By seeking feedback and tips you can improve. As someone, who was painting for years, I'm improving still.

If it makes you happy: paint, draw, create! And share❤️

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images/smiles from phpBB version 2.0.0, 5th April 2002. Tag yourself.

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Certainly not the biggest bummer of the pandemic, but it is a bummer that every mediocre social outing now comes with a feeling of, “ugh, that wasn’t worth the risk budget.”

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