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I blogged with some thoughts about Melbourne's four new Covid-19 cases today, the recent wave of cases in Taiwan, and Australia's vaccine rollout:

Today we have probably some of the last good weather we're going to have for four months, and… I can't enjoy any of it, because I'm sick as a dog with a cold 🤧 It's the first one I've had in 15 months. Hopefully my immune system still remembers how to dispatch this thing.

Yesterday I blogged on a hair care topic: Forays Into the “Curly Girl Method”

On Gemini: gemini://

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my friend who teaches kids, just schooled me on tentacles vs arms

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You can subscribe to Mastodon accounts via RSS if you prefer.

Just add .rss to the end of an account's URL, for example

If you're unsure how to get an account's URL, just go to the account's profile page and click on their picture. This will open their public profile page, and the address of this page is the account's URL.

#Mastodon #MastoTips #FediTips #RSS

Still trying to find as many variety-filled ways as possible to keep Gidget stimulated indoors. Turns out she likes cat TV! 🐈 (

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now this is a good twist. one that is completely irrelevant from the main storyline.

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"The Right to Link" by Jay Hoffmann

Interesting historical overview. It's strange how we've been having some of these same debates since the 90's.

Gidget is a lot more wakeful today, thank goodness. She does like her purple spinning toy (apparently called a “whirlwind purrsuit”), but she’s also figured out that we only gave it to her as a replacement for going outside, so she’s really trying to hold back from playing with it to let us know that she’d prefer outside, thanks. I got these snaps on one occasion where she succumbed! (

Gidget’s new meds are for sure making her really sleepy. Today we walked down to a pet supplies store to buy her some new toys – things she’ll need if she can’t stimulate her mind outside any more. But she might have to become a bit more alert before she can appreciate them. 🐈 (

Long post, cat health news, not that good 

We've brought Gidget home after her x-rays. The news is pretty bad, but not catastrophic. She doesn't only have one luxating patella, but two, as well as bilateral hip dysplasia and arthritis. She's only 5½! So… she needs to go in for surgery in two Thursdays' time, and until then we've been given two pretty heavy duty medications (a pain killer and an anti-inflammatory) to give her every day. No more outside for her, either. Apparently the meds she's on will make her loopy and any further falls could completely fuck her knee 😿 (That's not the language the vet used but that's the impression I got.)

But from the sounds of things, it's not like the surgery will be some big fix-it either, although it'll help, and it'll stop things deteriorating further. It sounds like she'll need some degree of ongoing care to manage chronic pain issues. The vet who called us earlier today flagged potential bimonthly appointments for some kind of injection, for example, and the vet we talked to this afternoon sort of implied ongoing daily medication. That's OK with us, of course; it's our responsibility as cat owners to give her the best quality of life possible. But I just feel sad for her that things have already got this bad… and to think if she hadn't fallen out of that damn tree we might never have realised there was an issue. Anyway, one step at a time. We'll get her through to the surgery and then see what the vets say after that.

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critical thinking is where you have a thought that strikes the enemy weak point for triple damage

After many days in a row of somehow building up dozens of open tabs, I've caved in and installed the Tree Style Tabs extension for Firefox. A little scared that I'll now amass even more tabs, but at least I can see what I already have open now 😅

I took this photo last weekend when we went on our regular beach walk. It’s only when I looked back on it that I realised how stunning the light was! It had that real autumnal yellowy glow 😊 (

We've dropped Gidget off for the x-rays she needs. To say she was unhappy would be a gross understatement. She had no dinner, Viv for some reason decided to bring the carry-case out yesterday evening so she was hiding in terror behind the couch all night, we didn't let her outside this morning, she didn't get breakfast, and then finally we wrenched her out of a cupboard to put her in her carry case and drop her off with strangers. How do you convince a cat that you're doing it for her own good 😢

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"Cumulative Layout Shift: Measure and Avoid Visual Instability" by Karolina Szczur

CLS is the most interesting of the new crop of perf metrics to me. It measures something that users genuinely find annoying (page content shifting around), but previously we had no language for it and nobody was tracking it. And it wasn't traditionally thought of as "performance."

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you can keep what you share private and make sure your stuff doesn’t stay online forever.

🔗 Wormhole is a file sending site with end-to-end encryption | Boing Boing

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It's okay to be taught stuff in school that you'll never need again in your life. Because if you only know and do what you need, it's called survival, not life.

It took me quite a long time to realise of, yes, I never needed to learn about Greek mythology using poems written by people in the 18/19th century, but it's good to know.

There might be better things to learn, but there is basically nothing one should not learn. Knowledge is human kind's greatest treasure. Enjoy learning it.

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LA has a geometry problem. Multiply the space that even the smallest car occupies by the number of Angelenos who need to get from A-B and you'll see that there's no way that the city is compatible with private vehicles.

Building more highways means clearing more live- and work-space, which pushes everything apart, which makes journeys longer, which requires building more highways...

Sadly for advocates of individual transit solutions, geometry has a socialist bias.


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