🪶 Was woken up this morning by a magpie singing a beautiful song for me :)

🗃 Finally did it… I've finished recreating all my Occidental flashcards from Mochi Cards in Anki. Now for bed, I think 😪

🚶 Home from an hour-long walk with Viv. Nice that the days are getting longer and milder for it!

🏵 Cut back an overly vigorous plant in our front flowerbed. Every winter/spring it gets too excited and tries to take over the whole space… it needs to be put in its place every once in a while 😮‍💨

Published a review to my site of “Fledgling” by Octavia E. Butler :) jayeless.net/book-review/fledg

📚 Finished reading Octavia E. Butler’s “Fledgling”. Such a great vampire story 🧛‍♀️

😾 We're up to the part of the day where, having meowed at me for two hours straight and finally been given lunch, Gidget meows at me for the next two hours straight because it wasn't "enough" lunch. (The vet says it IS enough lunch, cat!)

🎲 Finished my Kingdom of Loathing Dino run in 3/555. Got screwed by some horrible RNG on day 1, mais c'est la vie 😛

Update: The computer chair situation has been resolved. At 9:16am she got the zoomies and bolted to the kitchen 🤣

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@AlexWolfe Haha, I'm constantly frustrated by how long this is taking me. But ONE DAY I'm going to finish it, damnit!

@AlexWolfe They're for my novel, part of the big revision/rewrite I've been struggling through for years, haha 🙂

@cheribaker @AlexWolfe They did adjust the frame (twice) when I was there to pick them up… I guess I'll give it a bit of an adjustment period before trying to work out if I need to go back for them to do it again. The glasses aren't sliding off when I'm sitting still, but more when I do things that involve motion and looking down (like cooking, or other chores). IDK how much needing to push the glasses back up is "normal" and how much is a problem worth addressing 😕

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the immediate ancestor of european chess is the perso-arabic game of šaṭranj (شَطْرَنْج), which developed out the indian game of caturaṅga (चतुरङ्ग) probably around the 7th century ce, and crossed into sicily and al-andalus from the maghreb around the 10th century. the name of this game gives the name of chess in the ibero-romance languages eg spanish ajedrez, portuguese xadrez (from old portugues axadrez); typical of arabic loans into ibero-romance, the arabic definite article aš- has been reinterpreted as part of the word. the words in the germanic (english chess, german schach), italian (scacco), gallo-romance (french echeque, catalonian xec), and slavic languages (russian шахматы šakhmaty, polish szachy) instead come from the persian word šâh, 'king', in the expression šâh mât, literally '(the) king (is) amazed' but reinterpreted in arabic to mean 'the king is dead', whence also 'check' and 'checkmate'

🖋 Another 1,223 words written today! (And the day's not over yet, either, but I need to cook.) Not a bad effort for a couple of hours :)

🛒 Did the supermarket shopping. Going to make a chicken tagine for dinner tonight :)

@AlexWolfe I can look into that! It seems like I need something.

😼 Gidget decided to drag her wet food out of her bowl this morning so she could pretend to be a ferocious predator butchering her own prey… sigh.

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