Posted a whole rant about my frustrations trying to dry laundry in Melbourne winters:

Includes a bit of a side-rant about how obnoxious the birdsite can be. I understand if this post does not look like enthralling reading to you, even so 😅

This article is from 2010, but I found it really interesting nonetheless. The Irish language has been gaining popularity in Ireland’s cities, but speakers of this urban variant often struggle to understand speakers from the Gaeltacht, while Gaeltacht speakers often find the urbanites’ speech weird and unpleasant to hear – to the point that members of the two groups often prefer to speak English with each other.

Pandemic, domestic travel, me remarking how bizarre restrictions still feel 

Vivian's got a job interview in Canberra late next week, so he wants us to travel up there together (driving, in case we need to make a hasty retreat back to Victoria). Cue me researching all the entry requirements for the ACT and NSW (which we obviously need to pass through), because we live in a topsy-turvy world where Australia has restrictions on internal movement 😂 That said, I think we'll just have to fill in declaration forms that we haven't been to any exposure sites, so long as that remains true. Then we should be fine.

Gidget seems to have adjusted surprisingly well to the “indoor cat” lifestyle. She spends a lot of time sleeping or just hangin’ out near me. Lots of opportunities to take photos 😊 (

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There was a juvenile grackle (I think? maybe a crow but it was on its own) on the front porch and Evelyn couldn't believe we'd allow such a thing

@futzle I think I saw a little of that dogpile, and it did strike me as ridiculous that something so obvious could cop backlash. I think some localisation is fair and necessary (like I find Fahrenheit hard to grok, so I can sympathise with the reverse), but I also think Americans should be weaned off their excessive amount of it, and that's a process that has to start somewhere… why not kids' books 😊

Wrote a blog post about books being excessively "localised" for the US market (like when publishers think it'd be too confusing for a book to feature summertime in December). I think Americans deserve better than this nonsense:

The Victorian Department of Transport is starting a review of Melbourne’s bus network, which I hope will result in improvements – our current network is definitely not great. Anyway, it prompted me to write a page about buses and how to improve them for my new “personal wiki”. Check it if you like 🙂

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"The URL for the massive e-commerce site Alibaba, for example, is, pronounced “yow-leeyoh-ba-ba”—close enough! Those digits can just as often have individual meanings. The video sharing site works because the word for “six” is a near-homophone for the word “to stream.”"


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When you receive a commission asking: 'Please could you paint a Friday night at pub kicking out time, with all the fights, kebabs, and throwing up in gutters, but in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry?'

A fine example of what I can only describe as avant-Romanesque by Jim'll Paint It.

The key to me getting anything done is 100% that it has to be either something that can be finished in one sitting, or break-downable into discrete tasks that can be. If it'll take longer than that and there are no neat checkpoints on the way, I will probably never do it 🤯

Took Gidget to the vet today – they removed her stitches and she’s officially free of her cone! She was so excited to catch up on all the paw-chewing she’s missed 🐾 (

Melbourne weather 

@futzle On our street we had a tree that fell on someone's car 😬 It's been a wild night for sure

Covid-19, vaccine frustration 

So schools are set to reopen on Friday, even though teachers under the age of 40 are still not eligible for Covid-19 vaccines. Love this total indifference for the lives and wellbeing of teachers 🙄

And while I'm at it, a complaint I've made before but still rankles: the sheer difficulty of trying to work out whether specific disabilities or medical conditions make you fit the government's criteria of "people with disabilities or underlying medical conditions". I think I qualify as a person with "chronic lung disease" except they haven't put up an exhaustive list of which lung diseases count, just that asthma doesn't. Look, as a substitute teacher with an underlying medical condition I just want to get vaccinated, alright?!

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Was pleased to see it emerge from WWDC that iOS 15 will support all the same phones that iOS 14 did – including the OG iPhone SE and 6S from 2016. I no longer have my SE, but I did give it to my sister as a hand-me-down when I upgraded, and I think it’s so good that a phone I got 3½ years' mileage out of will continue to be supported for her with years of software updates. The commitment to long-term support – particularly in the form of security updates – was a major reason why I switched from Android to iPhones in the first place, and it’s gratifying to see Apple’s commitment continue 🙂 (

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Ugh, the import-export headache gets me again. Goodlinks only exports in JSON format, while can import from HTML, CSV, TXT or some special Pinterest export tool but not JSON. It didn't like the output of a JSON-to-CSV converter either, so because I'm fussy, converting that CSV file manually to HTML now… 🤯

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