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Gizmo's clearly watched too much of those cyclone preparedness videos that used to be on TV when I was a kid, because when a thunderstorm came through last night, he knew where to take shelter: the bathroom! In fact, when I woke up briefly at 3am, he was still sheltering in the bathtub 🤦🏻‍♀️ I had to scoop him up in my arms and carry him to bed to make him feel it was OK to get out. Gidget had no sympathy.

My folks are going away for the long weekend, so we've got Gizmo staying with us until Monday! He's been a Very Good Boy so far – no crying that he's been left, just soaking up the pats from us and seeking out his friend Gidget. I see many long walks in his near future 🐶

Yesterday afternoon Gizmo had just about the best beach walk of his life. Not only did he meet another dog… who understood the game of chasey… and was enthusiastic to play it with himbut the owners were walking along the beach in the same direction as us, so they got to play pretty much along the whole length of the beach. Best day ever!

Recent photo of a disgruntled cat. Featuring a sleepy Vivian up there in the top-left corner 😉 I think Gidget was cranky because she could smell it on my hand I'd been patting a dog… 🐈

Last night Viv and I went to a housewarming party – one set of his aunts and uncles moved house recently and wanted to celebrate with all the (vaccinated) family. It was actually really nice catching up with everyone 😊 Plus I have to share this picture of the hosts’ dog, who tragically was more interested in the platters of nibbles on the table than she was in getting patted by us guests 😆 (original, slightly longer post)

I'd been perplexed and even a little concerned the last few days, because our magpie friends who are usually such reliable visitors didn't turn up for maybe a whole week! I knew they'd been having territorial disputes with the ravens in the park behind our place, so I wondered if they'd been pushed out 😔 However, today they came back, and I was able to chuck them a few walnuts more. (full post)

Looking out through the porthole! 🐱 This cat igloo is located on top of a box, too, so that’s like double points in the “good cat spot” stakes!

Food, non-vegetarian 

Had a go at a new recipe today – jollof rice, working from this Kitchn recipe. I did add chicken and chickpeas to make it an all-in-one meal, rather than having to cook a separate protein. Overall, it was DELICIOUS! The three birds’ eye chillies I blended into it gave it a good amount of heat 😋

Woke up this morning to find this magpie watching me sleep!! This chair it was perched on is effectively right next to our bedroom window. I guess he wasn't satisfied with the amount of walnuts Vivian put out for them 🤣

On the weekend Viv and I watched the last Harry Potter movie, and this is how Gidget kept us company. Unfortunate for her that we didn't put on a real blockbuster, like 12 hours of squirrels foraging in the forest 🐱

Since that long heatwave ended, Gidget's been a lot more cuddly, almost like she's remembered how nice it is after a long break and wants to make up for lost time 🥰 Just as I went to take this pic last night, Vivian started teasing her by waving his t-shirt around, haha 😆

This is Daisy; we got to see him today when we visited Viv's brother's and sister-in-law's place! (Yes, Daisy is a boy.) He was a very good boy too, approaching all carefully to make sure we knew how good he was, then after I ruffled him behind the ears, deciding he was free to be his true self and jumping gleefully to welcome me, haha.

Gizmo seemed to feel like this teddy bear was a nice thing to cuddle up to last night ❤️

Was strangely unable to find Gidget earlier today, until I noticed her back feet poking out from the base layer of the cat tower in our bedroom. How exciting for her, a brand new spot! 😸 She looked very cozy there.

The last couple of times Gizmo has visited, he hasn’t really wanted to hang out in the living room with us like usual, but preferred to be in the bedroom snuggling up to my clothes 🤔 Who can say what goes on in a dog’s brain…

As cats tend to do, Gidget has found herself a new regular spot to frequent for a while… the base of her cat tower! She kept waking up when I tried to take photos of her adorable sleeping self though. I guess her half-awake self is pretty cute too 😉

Yesterday evening, one of our neighbours’ , Ben, paid a visit to our front porch. Rolled around for a while and made himself very comfortable. Gidget was magnanimous, and while she saw him through the window, she decided she didn’t care 🐱

My folks weren't able to come for their usual Sunday visit today, because my sister woke up with a sore throat. They did say it was very minor, but with no rapid antigen tests anywhere to be found they (and I) didn't think it was worth the risk. This means that Gizmo misses out on his weekly walk on the beach, too. While I was thinking of him, I thought I'd share a couple of Gizmo photos I took during visits last month. Hopefully my sister feels better soon (and doesn't have Covid) so we can catch up then, Gizzy 💔 (OP)

We survived our walk at Werribee Gorge! We only did the "short circuit", which at 2½ hours took long enough – maybe in late autumn or winter weather I'd consider braving the "long" route. The scenery was lovely, too, although you can definitely tell the climate is more arid here compared to the temperate rainforest to Melbourne's east. (original post)

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