Gidget seems to have adjusted surprisingly well to the “indoor cat” lifestyle. She spends a lot of time sleeping or just hangin’ out near me. Lots of opportunities to take photos 😊 (

Took Gidget to the vet today – they removed her stitches and she’s officially free of her cone! She was so excited to catch up on all the paw-chewing she’s missed 🐾 (

Gidget went to the vet this afternoon, and they took the bandage off her hind leg. They said it’s healing well, she’s even putting a little weight on it when she walks, and she should be able to get the stitches taken out next week. So… another week with the cone, sorry Gidgey. (

Gidget is home from her surgery! She’s frustrated, in some pain I think, and struggling to get around (she’s supposed to minimise that anyway, of course – certainly no jumping or running). Viv and I are gonna have a “sleepover” in the living room to keep her company overnight. ❤️ (

Still trying to find as many variety-filled ways as possible to keep Gidget stimulated indoors. Turns out she likes cat TV! 🐈 (

Gidget is a lot more wakeful today, thank goodness. She does like her purple spinning toy (apparently called a “whirlwind purrsuit”), but she’s also figured out that we only gave it to her as a replacement for going outside, so she’s really trying to hold back from playing with it to let us know that she’d prefer outside, thanks. I got these snaps on one occasion where she succumbed! (

Gidget’s new meds are for sure making her really sleepy. Today we walked down to a pet supplies store to buy her some new toys – things she’ll need if she can’t stimulate her mind outside any more. But she might have to become a bit more alert before she can appreciate them. 🐈 (

I took this photo last weekend when we went on our regular beach walk. It’s only when I looked back on it that I realised how stunning the light was! It had that real autumnal yellowy glow 😊 (

Gidget had to go to the vet again today. She needed a vaccination booster shot, but we also wanted her leg checked over again, because she hasn’t recovered as well from last month’s fall as we initially thought. The vet agreed, so now she’s been booked for x-rays on Friday 😢 (

It’s been many weeks since we’ve had a day as warm as 24°, but today Melbourne finally delivered! I had a great afternoon walk at the beach. There were loads of dogs there, and I have to say, I love those puppies that haven’t yet learned the social norms of being a dog at the beach. They’re hilarious and cute. There was a black labrador one (not a puppy-puppy, but not a full-grown dog either, if you get my drift) who kept tearing away from his owners to try to get attention from everyone else at the beach, or on one occasion barge into some other dogs' game of fetch, including patiently waiting for their owner to throw the ball… 🤣 Dogs are so great.

Now this has been a common sight on recent mornings! You couldn’t ask for a sweeter or cuter cuddlebug ❤️ Maybe you could ask for one who didn’t meow so urgently over demands that are not actually urgent, but sweeter or cuter, no way. 🐈 (

I realised it had been a few days since Gidget had last made use of her $350 box, so I figured she didn’t want it any more and put it in our recycling bin. From the look on Gidget’s face, I gather I got it completely wrong 😂

Hello all! I'm Jessica, and I've joined this instance because a) it looks nice and b) I've been curious about the Glitch-Soc variant of Mastodon and wanted to join an instance that had it running :) My old/other account is @jayeless, which I'll probably keep around for more political content.

Here, I'll probably post on a range of topics, including technology (I'm interested in and adjacent topics, like the and ), and , I read, the occasional thing about or other forms of entertainment, pictures of and , life in general, and stuff about the city I live in (Melbourne, Australia). As well as English I speak Spanish, and I've also studied Catalan (I did an honours thesis in , on the Spanish Civil War in Catalonia). Gonna leave you with a couple of pics of me and my beloved cat Gidget ❤️


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