Got notified today that my glasses had arrived at the store, so I went to pick them up, and now, well… here I am! It wasn't so obvious there, but now I'm home: WOW, everything is so much clearer. Who knew how sharp DVD titles could be from the other side of the room?! 🤯

Viv and I celebrated day #2 of our four-day long weekend today by going on an excursion to Melbourne Zoo 😊 It only rained on us a little bit, towards the end of the visit, and overall we enjoyed our day. Only two of my photos are uploading to Mastodon for some reason but I have a couple more on my own site.

Usually I forget all about until I see all the North Americans' Caturday posts on Sunday, but this time I am PREPARED 😅 Most of my recent Gidget pictures are snaps of her hilarious expressions of RAGE when she sees birds in the backyard, so that's what you get. Enjoy!

Last night I made chicken cacciatore for dinner, working off @AlexWolfe's recipe. It came out sooooo well! 😋 Big hit with both of us, and of course we got to enjoy the rest of the bottle of red wine with it, haha. I think this'll be going on the regular rotation.

Remember my annoyance three weeks ago when Duolingo rudely denied me the "#1 in the Diamond League" achievement because somehow Diamond Tournament doesn't count? WELL, finally I have got my rightful achievement 😎 Now to never care about getting first place again, lol

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I have a bit of a backlog of Gidget photos now, but rest assured, she's doing well 😅 She LOVES my new office chair (seen here rolling about playfully on it), and she's also letting Viv sleep in to the late hour of 6:30am now she doesn't have to diet any more 😭

I know I've been quiet for a few days; we had a really busy weekend (one of Viv's cousins got married! congrats to them!), and it made me too tired to work out what to post 😂 At Saturday's nelengu everyone got these gorgeous henna tattoos, so I suppose I can share a pic of mine! It's still going mostly strong three days later, and I really like having it there actually! Viv suggested to me we should get them more often, because he likes his as well. I'm not sure if that's a Thing People Do though, haha.

So this has taken up a lot of my energy the last couple of days: creating a new little "desk nook"! If you're really keen I wrote a blog post with a little more background, plus a brief (positive) update on Gidget 🤣

It was great being able to catch up for dinner yesterday with my childhood BFF, Urvi! It had been almost 20 years since we were last able to have a proper chat – I think we'll have to make sure it doesn't take that long again 😅 It was a really good time.

When the weather was nice on the weekend we took Gidget for some outside time. She spent about 20 minutes on our neighbour’s AC exhaust unit soaking up the sun, then went to a shady spot (not pictured) to cool down for ten minutes, then went to said neighbour’s front porch to camp out there. The whole time she was stealing glances at the next neighbour’s front door, to see if their cat was noticing her assert her dominance 🤣

Today's been a beautiful day weather-wise, sunny and 19°. I've been out soaking it up this afternoon, and Gidget did the same from her windowside cat bed – she didn't even have to deal with the wind from there 😆 It's so rejuvenating.

Gidget was OUTRAGED to see this total stranger tabby cat taking a jaunty walk through her yard! The other cat was VERY intrigued to see us through the window, but Gidget sent 'em packing with a fearsome display snarling and scratching at the window 😂 Poor other tabby.

Just a quick selection of Gidget photos from one recent morning! 😸 As far as her vet-ordered diet is going, good news: she’s broken through her previous plateau at 7kg, and is now weighing about 6.7kg. She seems to be more active around the house now, too – although just as convinced that diets are oppressive as ever!

We're due to return Gizmo home later this afternoon. Gidget hasn't been able to resist bullying Gizmo a little bit – at one point when I tried to give Gizzy one of his dog biscuits, Gidget marched in and pretended like she was about to take it, so Gizmo conceded the biscuit to her and walked away sadly… (even though she had no interest in the biscuit at all, just didn't want Gizmo to have it, and stopped pretending once he'd left). Then later on, she intimidated Gizmo into getting off my lap twice, when she had no interest in sitting on my lap herself. Other than that things have been peaceful, though. Certainly both of them have been getting their share of cuddles, whether they know it or not.

My parents have gone to Bendigo for a couple of days, so Gizmo is staying with us! Originally the plan had been that my sister would stay home with him, but since she’s stuck in the UK with Covid… (she has a flight booked home for the 26th, and Dad paid for her to fly business class because there were no economy seats available until September 🙈). Gizmo was definitely a bit freaked out by the unexpected car ride away from my parents, but he’s settled in OK now he’s here!

Still feeling crummy from my apparently-a-cold (in fact, if anything it's getting worse 🙁) but Gidget is doing her best to keep my spirits high with cuddles and adorable playful behaviour. Oh, sorry, I mean vicious deadly predator behaviour. 🐱

Up till now, Viv and I have been defiantly avoiding getting Covid like this great Mario meme. However, I am concerned that our run of incredible jumping skills—ahem, I mean awesome good luck, has come to an end. On Tuesday night we had to attend a fancy dinner for an organisation Viv volunteers with. This morning, we heard two other attendees at the dinner have tested positive for Covid. And we both have sore throats 😒

We each did a RAT test; both came back negative. Not trusting that, we both went to get PCR tests this afternoon. Results to come back in 24-48 hours, apparently. IDK if it’s paranoia but I’m just not feeling confident 😷

Busy, bittersweet weekend this one is turning out to be. Yesterday, we and a bunch of my dad's family worked on clearing things out of my grandma's old house as we prepare it for sale. Today, a quick impromptu party for Vivian's birthday (tomorrow). Also getting to see this sweet little guy (see photo) and my folks a couple of times (before my sister leaves tomorrow on her first trip overseas, to the UK!). Busy, busy.

Last night I went, with Viv and my sister, to the Astor Theatre to see Full Metal Jacket. I actually liked it more than I thought I was going to. The violence was heavily rationed, and the focus was much more on the characterisation. Now I know why it's seen as a classic 🥲

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