It's been months since I've felt able to replenish my stock of "boutique" spices and blends (the ones you can't just get at the supermarket), but I really felt like chicken tagine today so I did my best to improvise ras el-hanout using what I had readily available. And in the end, it turned out delicious! A nice reminder that it's always worth investigating, because until you do you don't know how close you can get 😊 (original post, with more detail)

Sharing a couple of recent photos of the pet animals in my life 😄 On the left, a shot of Gizmo on our weekly Sunday beach walk (now they’re allowed again!) and on the right, Gidget keeping a close eye on those birds that keep showing up at her backyard 🐶😼 (

Vivian bought himself a new second-hand Nintendo Wii. While Gidget here has kept him under strict supervision, he’s been enjoying kicking back with The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time while he has a few days off work between his old job and his new 😄 (

Gidget was very intrigued when she noticed a cawing crow perched in a branch near our living room window 😼 (

Recently, I've taken to throwing some walnut pieces out towards the local magpies when they stop by my house (which is not every day). Yesterday, four of them swung by (yes, one is not pictured), and they even sang a little for me (or to discourage other birds, who's to say)! 😄 (original post)

Currently waiting in Prahran to get my second vaccine dose. I guess the outbreak has worsened since my first dose because the procedure to get in has got a lot more rigid. Looking forward to getting my jab though! (

Gidget’s box was sagging where she’s been sitting on it every day, so it was time to tell it goodbye. She was not happy to see Vivian take the box out front and fold it up for the recycle bin. She later cheered up when she remembered how much other cat furniture she has 🐱 (

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was waiting on new keycaps that would align properly even when I arranged them as per the Dvorak left-hand layout. Well, today they arrived! I’m pretty happy; they look good, and my hyphen key is no longer obnoxiously tall 😅 (original post with a little more detail)

Thanks to the easing of restrictions a few days ago, I was able to see this scruffball (and my dad) and go on a walk to the beach! Hopefully Gizmo’s regular dog groomer will be back in business soon, because he looks like he could really do with a session 🐶 (

Gidget doesn’t seem to remember the time she was almost devoured whole by our old printer, so she decided that on top of the new one was the best place to keep me company today. After all, she’s not breaking my “no cats on the desk” rule when it’s the printer on the desk… (

Wrote a lengthy progress update on how I'm going switching back to the Dvorak left-hand layout! If you're not really interested in keyboards then the highlight of the post is this photo. Gidget thinks "keyboard on the lap" = "lap is vacant" and insists on plonking herself down and making me reposition the keyboard around her 😛

Gidget’s ayah (that’s Vivian’s mum) sent her this great new box, a worthy successor to her last box that I cut up and threw away months ago 😂 She thinks it makes a great perch from which to watch Cat TV. (original post)

I got the chance to try out the “Merlin Bird ID” app that Miraz mentioned yesterday when I took Gidget outside this morning. I thought that the bird squawking at us angrily was a wattlebird, and even with my dodgy silhouette picture the app confirmed my thinking: its best guess was “little wattlebird”! 😄 Cool stuff. (original post)

Gidget was concerned last night that I might’ve forgotten where the cat food was kept… it was surely this, and not the fact she hadn’t finished her dinner, preventing me from giving her some late-night kibbles 🤣 (

Gidget seemed to approve of my selection of Cat TV video for her today… there were lots of squirrels (and birds) eating out of a feeder. Gidget doesn’t really know what a squirrel is, having never seen one IRL, but she finds them very intriguing… 😼 (

Poor Gidget got her head stuck in this bag when she was trying to investigate Vivian’s new glasses 🤣 Viv took a video of her running all around trying to shake it off, but freed her right after! She was trying to hide in a cupboard – her safe place in times of distress 😢 (

It's still technically 10 days until spring but you wouldn't know it from today's weather: radiant sunshine, warm (it's 22°C!). We made the most of it by taking a walk along our usual beach route – not as far as last time, but still 90mins there and back 😅 (original post)

Busted this ruthless carnivore chomping away at a helpless feathery creature earlier today… 🐈 (

animal death (of natural causes) (photos are of the animal alive and well in happier times!) 

Vivian passed some sad news on to me this morning. He crossed paths with the owner of this sweet boy Timmka, who we used to give pats to regularly on our walks around the neighbourhood but hadn't seen in a while, and they told him that he passed away from a sudden heart attack in June 😢 Below find some Timmka pics I haven't posted before, taken in December 2019. He was always such a friendly face 💔 (original post)

Gidget’s trying to show me she’s super trustworthy and won’t jump any fences by going out on her leash and just plonking herself down to chill somewhere 😊 The less said about her break for freedom when I was carrying groceries through the front door yesterday, the better… (

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