Last night Viv and I took his niece to the movies to see Avatar (2009). I wrote up a short blog post with some thoughts:

@jayeless I’m glad to hear it holds up! I remember liking it at the time. It reminded me of Fern Gully. And I love a good evil corporation vs humanity story.

@felix That's OK, it's not like there's one objectively correct opinion. I will admit the rare mineral being named "unobtainium" felt like some placeholder name from the first draft that got sloppily left in, haha

@jayeless Wasn't my favourite film at the time. Despite the supposed breakthrough CGI in 3D, the story and acting were rather generic.

@AlexWolfe I wouldn't say it was one of my favourite films, just that I liked it 😊 I agree that the story wasn't all that original, but I thought it was well-executed. My expectations are usually pretty low for Hollywood blockbusters!

@jayeless The cgi was interesting but I wasn’t enamoured with the 3D. And yeah, the story was a little simplistic. And I think the next one will not have the same impact as things have moved on and 3D seems to have gone the way of the dodo.

@AlexWolfe Oh yeah, I don't think the 3D really added anything, haha. I only noticed it a few times and every time I did it was an unpleasant sensation, like something "floating" over my eye.

@jayeless I found it made me feel kind of sea sick, which was very unpleasant. It was the first and last movie I ever watched in 3D. Maybe I need to watch the film in 2D and give it another go ... but maybe not. 😜

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