Liked this piece, about how we should take back our cities from being car-centric monocultures: Rewilding Cities

Also saved it as a link post on my blog, where I elaborated a little more on my thoughts, at just enough length that I didn't think I should crosspost it directly to Mastodon 😛

@jayeless Hey Jessica just an off topic question. What is the RSS feed for your blog? I've tried a few things but cannot seem to find it.

@mpmilestogo In the footer of every page, there's a link called "Subscribe via RSS", which gives you a list of many of the available feeds :) The main two'd be /index.xml (for everything) or /posts/index.xml (for just the posts from the blog, not link posts, etc.)

@jayeless oh neat. Reading in via RSS for some time now. Subbed here too :)

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