Link: Sunset of the social network

Apparently Facebook is pivoting to be a more TikTok-like app (where your TL is all strangers' posts selected by an algorithm for you). This article reckons this heralds the end of "social media" as we know it, with online socialisation to move to messaging apps. Not sure how much I agree, but then again, these days my main social media is Mastodon and, neither of which are exactly mainstream, but neither of which have hastened their own decline with "sponsored posts" and algorithms pushing garbage, either…

@jayeless It feels like the shift was inevitable given how Insta caused a storm this week trying to be more Tik-Tok like. They're all trying desperately to reinvent themselves in an overcrowded market where people's attention span is now nano seconds, not minutes.

They've become apps for the vain, hedonistic and the self absorbed (IMHO).

@AlexWolfe Yeah, and it seems terribly shortsighted too. If people want TikTok there is already TikTok, what does Facebook think it's going to get out of turning FB and Insta into copycat apps? It really feels like a desperate move by a rapidly declining "legacy" product. I feel so relieved to have mostly ditched them, haha.

@jayeless Yeah, I'm glad I got out when I did. I left Facebook over 5 years ago, and Insta just recently. And no longer have an active birdsite account either.

They are all so focused on making money that they've become unusable and downright irritating. I'm sure people leaving in droves is not what they had in mind. But that might be what they end up with. Crash and burn, crash and burn baby!

@jayeless My FIL (86) recently asked me to “fix” his Facebook app. As soon as he opened it it went to full screen video and started screaming at him. I managed to turn off that particular set of videos but what an effing mess it was! 😵‍💫

@cheribaker Oh man, how annoying! My grandma (passed away just a couple of years ago aged 95) was always very determined to get to grips with modern technology and worked very hard to use Facebook and such… but the UI is so hostile to people who don't really "get it" (like my grandma didn't get the difference between the browser chrome and the website's own UI, for example). And they keep making it worse! Your poor FIL.

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