Viv and I went to JB Hi-Fi this evening to buy him a new 16" MacBook Pro 😛 He’s been soldiering on for almost 11 years with an old MacBook Air, but it reached time to upgrade (I was concerned his old one was going to crap out when he needs it for work)! The new one is definitely quite the upgrade. The sound system is so good that Gidget freaked out thinking there were helicopters and people shouting inside our flat when Viv started watching Bastard Boys 🤣

@jayeless very nice!I have the 2021 MacBook Air. So enjoyable to have a battery that lasts and I love the sound. Was there a 2 for one deal? you must have been soldiering on too 😉

@mpmilestogo Haha, I'm trying to avoid reading tooooooo much about the M1 Macs because I got the last Intel MacBook Air and I don't want to tempt myself into upgrading before I really have to 😉 So I'm living vicariously through him at the moment

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