Blogged about resuming Duolingo’s German and Esperanto courses: Return to Duolingo


bela ...

i have found esperanto via duolingo unsatisfactory (not enough vocabulary variety to maintain progress)

i've begun reading to learn the language. it's irregular and there is no "curriculum" outside of the interests of the people posting ... but i think it's working

also discord ...

viel glück!

@js0000 Thanks for chiming in 🙂 I feel like vocabulary at least is relatively easy to supplement with something like flashcards. I've been studying Ido for a while and my process for that has ended up very vocab-heavy (because that's the easiest thing to practise!) so if the Duolingo Esperanto course is more grammar-focused that suits me OK. Reading social media posts does seem like a simple and productive way to get more comprehension practice in, though, so I can look into doing that more. Good luck with your own learning!

@jayeless yeah ... i've used anki (flash cards) with esperanto ... moderately helpful for vocab (as you mention)


also ido is cool ... i guess larger esperanro community, more materials easily available, ...

no one language for all here in babylon ... 😆
(or one right way to learn)

best wishes back to you too

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