Vivian and I made it back to Sherbrooke Forest today for a 2½ hour hike 😊 The weather was perfect, and the scenery was beautiful. We're both exhausted and aching now, of course, but it was well worth it!

@jayeless I grew up stomping around those trails. Fond memories! I really need to do a nostalgia tour around there one day soon.

@mike It's a gorgeous place! We manage to head over there once every few months. I think a nostalgia tour will be very much worth it :)

@jayeless The Alfred Nicholas Gardens are well worth a visit. I went there several years ago but my arthritic knee prevented me from making right to the bottom of the area.

@peemee We haven't done that yet, but you're right, we should! My dad said the same thing about it being worth a visit.

@jayeless Can’t tell if you are in the east or west half. I grew up in Monbulk so I’m very familiar with the road that cuts the forest in half.

@futzle We were in the eastern half :) We haven't actually tried any of the trails in the western half... we kinda found a route that worked for us and just did it the last three times, haha.

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