Blogged: Hot Weather People and Cold Weather People

Spoiler: I am 100% one of the hot weather people 😅

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@jayeless I wasn't aware of the insulation issue in Australia. I've experienced living in poorly insulated trailers. It makes winter tougher even where I grew up:

I used to be okay with warm weather, but I have to say I tolerate cool weather easier these days. My wife is the opposite. We somehow manage not to argue about thermostats much.

Where I live now, AC had been considered a luxury. Many homes don't have it, including mine. It's not a luxury anymore. :(

@cstanhope More than once I've seen Australian housing described as "glorified tents" – the uncommonness of proper insulation here really is an issue 😔

AC has become much more common over time here too – when I was a kid we didn't have it (and we were fairly typical), and I still don't where I am now, but it seems like most homes now do and are becoming increasingly reliant on it (especially in new buildings, which generally don't have any kind of greenery around or consider window orientation to help moderate the temperature, and were designed around the AC basically).

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