I’ve been feeling so tired in recent days 🥱 Somehow it took me way longer to adjust to DST than usual, so I kept not feeling tired and staying up too late for days on end… until it all caught up with me 😆 I actually like DST (who wants dawn at 4:45!) but this has sucked.

@jayeless it’s less about wanting dawn at 4:45 and more about wanting noon to be reasonably close to 12. But Oz timezones are weird…

@Sandra I think for my part, I just don't feel any benefit from noon being close to 12, whereas the sunlight aligning better to my wakeful hours, that feels "real" 😛 I get that it'd be different at a latitude where you have like 18 hours of daylight in the summer anyway, though. Out of curiosity, in what way are Oz timezones weird?

@jayeless I want to set my waking hours after the sun primarily. Like, if people want brighter evenings/darker mornings then we can wake up earlier or vice versa.

In other words, change our work schedule rather than our wrist watches.

Australia’s time zones… WA, NT, and QLD don’t have any DST, while the south eastern states do. That can get confusing.

And, NT and SA are an hour and a half ahead of WA (and half an hour behind the eastern states). This is unusual across the world (although some other places do have it), to not be on hour incremenrs from UTC. Although as a “noon should be close to 12” advocate, I actually kinda like that they did this.

But what’s even more confusing is how these two aforementioned categories aren’t the same. So in the summer, WA is two and a half hours behind its immediate neighbor, SA, but only one and a half hours behind its other immediate neighbor, NT. Standing in the corner between those three states gets weird.

Also, going north from SA to NT in the summer is going back in time. Normally it’s only lateral travel that changes time zones.

(My parents are on the spectrum and this map stuff is my dad’s favorite ranting topic. His favorite book growing up was an atlas. Mom’s more into video games. They’re both completely obsessed about sports. Like who placed bronze at biathlon at some tournament in the sixties, they can just answer it all.)

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@Sandra I do see your logic! I think if schools/workplaces etc. were actually willing to adjust their schedules by the sun, I would be fine with that instead of having DST. It's just that hardly any do, and me personally choosing to wake up earlier to have an extra leisure hour before school/work is a lot less relaxing for me than having the hour afterwards. (Plus, I've always found it 100x easier to sleep in later than fall asleep earlier, so trying this would probably just see me lose sleep.)

As far as Australia's timezones go, I guess I'm just used to them but there still are explanations for most of the weirdnesses 😛 Most of the states are geographically very big, so they've chosen timezones that suit the most populous parts of those states (except Qld, which chose to do what suited the northern parts of the state, and Victoria, which chooses to synchronise with NSW, where nearly the whole state is on Sydney time). The overwhelming majority of WA's population, for example, lives in or near Perth, extremely far away from the SA or NT borders, so the "big timezone jump when you only went a short distance" issue probably affects no more than a few hundred people. (That said, there is a tiny little town on the WA/SA border, Eucla, which unofficially operates at a 45-minute difference from both states in the winter (not sure whether they have DST or not)! Just to add a little extra weirdness on the weirdness 😛)

As far as DST goes, I think the rationale is basically that it doesn't make sense to have it in the far northern tropical areas, and for some reason in Australia we feel a whole state/territory has to be in or out together, so the northern states/territories don't have it. In Qld I think the majority of people in the SE would prefer to have it, but because of this "whole state" unofficial rule, that majority in the SE doesn't outweigh the rest of the state where, like, no one wants it. WA has done "trial runs" of DST a few times (I think the "business community" would prefer to keep the 2hr gap with the eastern states and not go to 3hrs in the summer) and personally if I lived in Perth I would prefer it, but people there keep voting against it in referendums which is their right I guess.

Sorry for the huuuuuge wall of text, but I guess I'm something of a timezone nerd as well! Personally I found it strange just how much of Europe is on the same time zone – like Rome to Seville being the same, when Seville's solar time is like an hour behind 😛 I guess my personal preference would be, noon should be as close to 12 as long as the sun isn't rising long before 6am, otherwise make it so the sun rises around 6am, unless there are over 16 hours of daylight in which case I guess I'd prefer a "solar midnight" around 1:30–2am. But I do agree that the main reason I feel so fussy about it is just because modern life isn't really as flexible, schedule-wise, as it should be.

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@jayeless Text length never a problem when you’re dealing with me ♥

I guess by weird I meant unusual. Here is my older post on DST:

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@Sandra Unusual I can agree with! And I do sympathise with your view on DST, too, even if I prefer having DST myself once I adjust to each change (but only because, as mentioned, school/work schedules are so rigidly in line with the clock, and very few workers or schoolkids get any say about it). I'm sure more flexibility in schedules would have many other advantages too, but eliminating the need for DST sounds like it'd be one :)

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@jayeless it takes me months to adapt unfortunately. A princess and the pea situation but for hours,

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@Sandra Yeah, I can see how that would be tough 😔

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