A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was waiting on new keycaps that would align properly even when I arranged them as per the Dvorak left-hand layout. Well, today they arrived! I’m pretty happy; they look good, and my hyphen key is no longer obnoxiously tall 😅 (original post with a little more detail)

@Sandra Whoa, that's very cool! Looks like you've customised it pretty extensively (at least judging by the keycaps) which is awesome.

@jayeless Yeah, I do some weird things with the layout. For example that giraffe like key second lowest on the far right is a shift but tapping it writes the letter z. And in Emacs, I have shift-Z to paren wrap three expressions forwards. Uh, and a ton of stuff like that, it’s a mess.

@jayeless I didn’t mean to threadjack, your setup looks so awesome!

@Sandra Nah, don't worry about it, that's cool! I considered making a custom keyboard layout and even got as far as learning how to edit Linux system files to introduce it, but I ended up deciding the potential benefits (over standard Dvorak LH) weren't worth the hassle for me. But I can definitely see the potential for people who will make good use of such customisation 😃

@jayeless I'm on basically standard dvorak but with the bottom row shifted one over to the right (as it would be on a traditionally "staggered" keyboard). ♥
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