Covid-19 Vic lockdown discussion 

Victoria's lockdown restrictions will be easing slightly from this weekend as we hit 70% of adults with a first vaccine dose. The 5km limit on movement will be increased to 10km, two adults from different households will be allowed to exercise together, and groups of 5+ adults, plus dependents, from two households will be allowed to socialise outdoors if all of them have had two vaccine doses. On a macro level, I guess I'm concerned about how much spread will result from people realising they're very unlikely to have to prove their vaccination status and just catching up regardless… but on the personal level, I'm excited that I might get to see my family again. It'll be late October before Viv and my sister get their second doses, but even being able to catch up with one family member and take Gizmo for a walk on the beach would be awesome 😃

Covid-19 Vic lockdown discussion 

@jayeless For the construction industry:

Construction workers are now unable to travel to Regional Victoria for work and regional Construction workers are no longer able to travel to Metro Melbourne for work.

All construction workers to have their 1st dose of vaccine by 23rd September.

Tea rooms are to close and food and drink are unable to be consumed indoors.

Worker shift bubbles must be in practice and all sites require a COVID Safe Marshal on site.

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