Playing around with Obsidian (note-taking app) 

Thanks to the great influence of the community, I've now installed and am playing around with Obsidian (yet another note-taking app). I'm seeing a lot of potential in it for how I would use it, as it'd resolve all the bugbears I have with Standard Notes (e.g. no linking between notes; inability to save notes as plain markdown accessible from outside apps; lack of a calendar view to make it easy… or even feasible… to just browse old entries (there is rapid full-text search though, for finding specific things)). However, I still have vivid memories of how much of a pain in the ass it was to move to Standard Notes in the first place. After that, I thought I'd convinced myself for good that the marginal superiority of one note-taking app over another doesn't actually make up for the gigantic hassle that is the export/import process. And yet… (original post)

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