Long post, cat health news, not that good 

We've brought Gidget home after her x-rays. The news is pretty bad, but not catastrophic. She doesn't only have one luxating patella, but two, as well as bilateral hip dysplasia and arthritis. She's only 5½! So… she needs to go in for surgery in two Thursdays' time, and until then we've been given two pretty heavy duty medications (a pain killer and an anti-inflammatory) to give her every day. No more outside for her, either. Apparently the meds she's on will make her loopy and any further falls could completely fuck her knee 😿 (That's not the language the vet used but that's the impression I got.)

But from the sounds of things, it's not like the surgery will be some big fix-it either, although it'll help, and it'll stop things deteriorating further. It sounds like she'll need some degree of ongoing care to manage chronic pain issues. The vet who called us earlier today flagged potential bimonthly appointments for some kind of injection, for example, and the vet we talked to this afternoon sort of implied ongoing daily medication. That's OK with us, of course; it's our responsibility as cat owners to give her the best quality of life possible. But I just feel sad for her that things have already got this bad… and to think if she hadn't fallen out of that damn tree we might never have realised there was an issue. Anyway, one step at a time. We'll get her through to the surgery and then see what the vets say after that.

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