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Overheard someone at the bar mention the band "Dinosaurs Jr". This the Attorneys General of band names.

when choosing security questions, be aware that you might have to actually give your security question answer to a real human being, so you don't end up, as a completely hypothetical example, having to out yourself as asexual to a random blizzard customer service agent

best thing i've ever heard about labels: "as any cat will tell you, putting yourself in a box is completely different from someone else putting you in a box"

jurassic cafe, where scientists have resurrected miniature dinosaurs that you can feed and play with while sipping zapatista mochas. slice of life anime coming to netflix this spring

my new wireless system uses frequency-hoping multiplexing, which works like so: you just send on a frequency and hope there's no collisions

the uber slaughter, revisited 

as it starts to thunder, you're likely to witness a herd of wild sound designers rushing to the nearest window and holding their field recorders up high. nature truly is beautiful.

Getting on a plane to San Francisco. Anyone there want to meet up in the next week?

@gdkar the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing humanity to adhere to RFC 2119.

i love elections so much that i just went ahead and bought one

@ehashman there's so much to unpack here, and I'm positively surprised to see the first couple of highly voted answers actually doing that

After like 4 months of bike shedding css instead of actually doing it, I actually wrote a blog post and published it!

Sonic the Hedgehog, making a deal with the devil: Gotta go Faust!

"At last, we have found you!"
I looked up. "You have?"
"You are destined to-"
"How did you find me?"
"Facial recognition."
"What did it match?"
"The prophecy describes-"
"How many matches did you get?"
"How many?"
"Nine hundred two."
"You haven't found me."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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