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too many weird references; proposed motto for an American hazardous materials abatement company 

"e pluribus plumbum" ("out of many, lead")

excited for monday when i can stumble blearily into the office and walk directly face first into a wall and just be like "ya know, time change" and everyone will be like "oh okay that seems fine and normal"

the evolution of language is a wonderful thing...

1864: "I am not able to rightly apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question."

2014: "wat."

I'm curious. Does anyone else read scientific papers for pleasure? (Boosts wanted.)

Sex (poll results graph) 

The polls have ended on Twitter and Mastodon, so I combined the results and removed the "not a cis man/woman" responses, and there were responses from 49 cis men and 60 cis women.

Then I made graphs and it all looks like this:

[ #sex #survey #results ]

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thinking about what the WebSub spec would look like if it built on the web push protocol (RFC8030) instead of being its own thing. they overlap a lot but WebSub requires a public server while web push works for mobile and desktop apps…

"your son billy has been showing a bit of an... inquisitive streak"
"well we've been trying to teach him to be curious about the world"
"no i mean he's been zealously opposed to every non-catholic student he's met"
"oh! how unexpected"

Child: "Trick or treat!"
Me: *dumps entire bowl into kid's bag* "GET THIS CANDY AWAY FROM ME"

yo who wants an SGI IRIS Crimson

my uni's auctioning one

activitysearch update 

still working on activitysearch, a library for maintaining satellite copies of some or all of your fediverse data. i understand the differences between AP and Masto’s UI and how common tasks actually require both, and so have refactored the library’s API to match that new concept of things. plus my testing harness is better now, which is always nice.

the goal of activitysearch is to make it easy to write applications that work with AP / Masto instances, that can efficiently download the information they need so your app can do most of its work offline.

Eugene, Oregon: The Creator Of Mastodon

@garbados oh! um… okay!

The short pitch is: every existing RSS reader assumes you're reading news/blogs, where you may want to jump between entries and feeds in random order. I want one instead where the UX is good for long-form/episodic work, like webcomics and fanfic.

Two fundamental differences:

A) Focus on the content, clear away almost all other UI… for example, don't show me other feeds I might switch to;

2) In these works, today's post makes no sense without the feed's history, so make it easy to navigate that history and give me context about where I am in the archives.

I have a half dozen related GitHub repos and lots of technical details but the UI/UX is the key here and I'm not good at that.

I tried a second time to propose that undergrad CS students build the RSS reader I want and once again the students all picked other people's proposals instead, so I'm sad

The werewolf held a pumpkin shaped bucket. In it's massive paws it appeared comically small .

"Twick o' tweat? Oh, um, and no chockit, pwease."

I looked up at their puppy eyes, just visible below my door frame.

Beside them, a vampire dressed as a cheerleader rolled his eyes; behind them both a barely corporeal ghost struggled to keep their sheet on.

"Is... a tummy rub a treat?"

The werewolf's tail knocked over all my jack-o-lanterns.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Paranormal

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