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Fediverse question for anyone not on m.s:

Do you feel like at least one of you instance moderators knows who you are, individually?


Feel free to also reply with what instance you're on.

Onyx Equinox, the mesoamerican inspired anime-like animated show I worked on is coming to crunchy roll!!!!

@brennen the Linux kernel folks on the whole don't seem to believe in tool support for keeping track of bugs, or even in keeping honest history about how development actually happened (cf the concept of the "perfect patch"). I honestly believe the Linux kernel developer mindset is to throw away any information that suggests things were ever not perfect

@brennen agreed. I think you could say this is an important part of a larger problem, that git et al have specific use cases baked in

catching javascript flat-footed on the first turn of combat. i have specced for this.

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hell yeah i'm blocking javascript. now i am attacking it. en garde!

@readsteven I decided to send them an email whether you wanted to or not because I think this is a thing that should happen. I have no idea how much money we're talking about but I feel like it should be achievable somehow. 😁

@readsteven Me too! I do know someone who's done transcription professionally, if you wanted to throw money at it instead of doing crimes. But I'd hate to deprive you of the opportunity for crimes πŸ˜†

@readsteven Now that you mention it I'm a little surprised not to see one already. I forgot that still isn't a standard thing for all conferences πŸ˜…

@clacke Thank you 😊

I was surprised to discover I had a reasonably coherent narrative for the three parts of the RFC, which is a fact I only learned when I spent a few minutes describing them without having the RFC in front of me, because I didn't think to open it until we were mid-interview πŸ˜…

And I appreciate both that you did a great job keeping the conversation moving, and also that your edits afterward made the flow of the conversation feel even smoother.

As for you, @fluffy, I suspected your perspective would contribute a lot to the conversation, and I'm happy to have been very right. 😁 I don't think it would have been anywhere near as good of an interview without you.

@fluffy @clacke Fear of what I would sound like is why it took me a while to listen. It helped that I got feedback from multiple friends that it had turned out well! So if you prefer you can just take my word for it that you sound good too 😁

I just learned the video is up of "Countering Imposter Syndrome Culture", Sage's 2019 SeaGL keynote! There are lots of talks for people who have imposter syndrome, but this talk tells you how to avoid triggering imposter syndrome in others.

@clacke I finally got up the nerve to listen to the interview and I'm happy with it, yay 😁

It reminded me of one thing @fluffy mentioned though, which might be a good addition to the show notes: is informally referred to as the Atom tombstones spec, although officially it's 'The Atom "deleted-entry" Element'; the "tombstones" terminology only lingers in the XML namespace URL for it.

Also if you do decide to update the show notes again, I guess I could be pedantic and say that the organization is spelled "X.Org", not "Xorg", unless you're referring to the specific device-dependent X server implementation. Of course, absolutely nobody actually cares. πŸ˜†

@alcinnz @snailerotica @ScottMortimer Oh hi! @clacke just interviewed @fluffy and me about full-history RSS feeds, so you could listen to that interview if you like:

It doesn't technically air in the podcast until next Tuesday but you can still listen to it now.

@monorail Your lament had just reminded me that JavaScript is polarizing in the same way as nano: among certain circles it's popular to show contempt for it. (Have you read ?) But yeah, best of luck with whatever you're doing today!

@monorail Oh yeah, JavaScript is also on my list of things I think differently about when I consider the evidence of how many people care about it, although the monopoly position that web browsers give it makes it different than something like nano… πŸ€”

@neltnerb I don't know, but when I see people using numbers by themselves without context as if they have their own significance, I worry that they're dog whistles for hate groups such as white supremacists, as in

I've always thought of nano as a text editor that exists for people like me who haven't learned vim yet

But it's only recently occurred to me that like. People made nano. And they still develop for it. It's maintained. They're probably proud of it. It's good software.

It didn't emerge from the aether as a stepping stone for text editing in the terminal.

It's kind of changed my perspective, actually. I still want to learn vim, I've always wanted to, but I'm going to try to not be embarrassed to admit that I use nano for now. It's good! It's few people's favourite but there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

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