insecure oblivious computation: you don't know what you're doing, but everyone else does

@bstacey I am going to have to store this as a reference for the impossibility of literature search in mathematics... If even the experts (being every person who published something cited in that graph) cannot reliably discover existing results (as shown by the relatively low graph connection, and the situation that precipitated the graph's overall discovery), no-one can.

@requiem @garbados My favorite thing about Rust is probably that very little of it is novel (e.g. package management), but putting all those existing ideas into a coherent whole while focusing on usability gets us someplace we've never been.

IMO the features which have the biggest impact-to-appreciation ratio are Rust's enum types and match statement. Nobody ever gives them credit when the ownership system and all is so exciting, and functional programmers just take those two features for granted, but I don't think any of the C/Java/JavaScript/Python/etc imperative languages have anything remotely close. C programmers do tagged unions to kinda get what Rust enums provide, without anyone of the nice syntax or compile-time safety, so it's obviously not hard to generate efficient code from these constructs. It's just a solid implementation of ideas that are tried and true for programming languages researchers but hadn't made it into industry practice.

…I get over-excited 😅

@clacke @balrogboogie haha, yes, I should have thought of that one too 😁

I'm guessing though that you can look at anyone who started posting comics online in the early 2000s with no real expectation that anyone would find their work, and if they're still doing comics today, they're a lot better at it 😁

I got a pedicure yesterday. I had never done that before, I wasn't real sure how it was different than just using toenail clippers. It was nice! Guess I gotta try a manicure sometime too 🤷

@amphetamine I used to get fired all the time at one job. he stopped doing that when I started threatening to take him seriously 🤷

might fuck around and be kind to some people

Twitter/art theft prevention 

geeking out over old webcomics 

anyone who thinks "I should get better at X before I let people see/hear/etc it publicly" should go look at the beginning of Jeph Jacques' Questionable Content

results are in: at nearly half of you here because of cuties, Fedi definitely qualifies as an affectionately transmitted infection

I gave up all other social media for Mastodon around this time last year and I'm still straight and not a furry; what if I've been a ghost this whole time

programming language mascots and how much i could kick their ass:
duke (java): yes
gopher (go): yeah
gopher (go) (many, concurrently): probably not
the elePHPant (php): no. too large
ferris (rust): probably
d-man (d): no. unstoppable

the towns of Boring, Oregon, Bland, Australia and Dull, Scotland have united to form the Trinity of Tedium

Mental health mention 

Some of the top creators in the industry are saying exactly this. Like #JJAbrams said in an interview about Overlord, his Nazi zombie flick, how they really liked Jovan Adepo for the lead but the U.S. paratroopers weren't integrated during WWII. Then they said fuck it, were there zombies in WWII?! Let's go for it!! And it stars Adepo playing a U.S. paratrooper in WWII, and the sky did not, in fact, fall.

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