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Hey! #Outreachy applications for the next December-March round are now open! outreachy.org 🎉

They offer three month internships with free and open source projects — #FOSS. Interns are paid a 5,500 USD stipend and have access to a 500 USD travel allowance.

I can't recommend this program enough. It's such a rich and welcoming experience, in addition to being a great way to start working in tech.

Start your application today!

@icefox @Wolf480pl @MightyPork Well, sure, it's real easy to do with Template Haskell. But that's a very big hammer for a relatively small problem... wiki.haskell.org/Template_Hask

@haybuck @ticky Yeah, I find myself often scrolling to the examples section, if it exists, rather than trying to guess whether I've found all the options I cared about in the giant list yet.

And then there are those tools where the examples are necessary to be able to even start, and even then there are good odds of getting it wrong (rsync is in that category for me), so documentation is necessary but not sufficient...

@ticky this was totally not obvious to me, so I would probably have used the "pee" command from moreutils instead, as in "pee cat <remaining-pipeline>". and conveniently, that usage of "pee cat" is documented in the man page! otoh the command is called "pee", so, that could probably be better...

@haybuck @ticky you seem to be exactly describing info pages, but nobody really likes those either... might we perhaps conclude that the real problem is not so much the documentation technology as the ability of open source projects to produce good documentation?

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@jamey We routinely find expired food in our fridge, with expiration date far closer to its production date than to the present day... and of course we don't throw that food away 🤔

While cleaning using the classic method of moving piles into other piles, I found a Tic Tac box that still had four candies in it and its best-by date was only two years ago. They were delicious.

I may have more than a passing resemblance to Amethyst from Steven Universe 🤔

@liw Seems to me a partial answer is using smaller build steps and sequencing them in a pipeline (or more generally, a DAG). Inspecting intermediate build results helps a lot, and being able to reuse successful parts of the build and only iterate on the parts you're working on is nice too.

I'm using Nix this way these days and it has a ton of advantages for this, but I think many CI systems could do reasonable things along these lines.

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I was on an early walk and found a guy staring at the telephone wires. I turned to see what he might be looking at, and he held a finger to his lips to quiet me. He whispered, “there’s a mockingbird up there. If you listen, he’ll ring like a bell.”

So we stood there in silence, and then the little bird opened his mouth and sang chimes to us. He rang like a bell.

The stranger and I looked at each other, then smiled and laughed as we went our separate ways. That was a nice way to start a day.

@jorty This led somehow to the thought that a conlang built from analysis of Google's machine translation neural nets could be fascinating. Search for a language with these properties: you can represent every intermediate state encountered during any translation, the grammar rules are as simple as possible, and the vocabulary is as small as possible. Once you've determined how many words etc you need you could choose them to be cognate to other languages…

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here's the thing i can't understand about getting irritated when someone's phone goes off during a performance

let's say there's 2000 people in a concert hall (this is lowballing it btw) then if every single person is 99.97% sure they silenced their cell phone, it's 50/50 for one to go off

im not 99.97% sure of *anything*

maybe the volume got squeezed in my pocket. maybe i haven't had it off silent for years but turned it on yesterday fsr

there's just too many damn ppl to control that

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sometimes I want to fav the notification that someone fav'd a toot... just to let them know I saw that, and thanks.

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A quick #tutorial of sorts!

Even if you hate perspective, you should try to draw more than just the fronts of objects, especially ones made mostly of straight lines.

It looks way more natural and dynamic if the objects you draw have their tops (or bottoms) and one of the sides visible, even if you just guess at the perspective.

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finally doing this inbox zero thing. i now have zero inboxes. please send me email at Nowhere

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If recent events have you thinking about codes of conduct, you can hire me to evaluate yours and make an action plan to be ready to start enforcing it. $200 and I have a sponsored spot for a project that can’t afford to do this on their own. lifeofaudrey.com/2018/07/16/co

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this is a separate request: if you're trans (any gender) and write stories with trans characters that are freely available online, send me links to your stuff!! i want to read them!! (feel free to spread the word!)

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It takes a lot more than an apology and some time off to undo nearly 30 years of building a toxic culture.

And not only a toxic culture, but *the* toxic culture. The culture that other tech cultures copied, thinking that was how developers acted.

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Pretty interesting to learn how much the Linux Foundation's employees earn. For example, in 2016 Linus Torvalds earned US$1.67 million. projects.propublica.org/nonpro