I've been having fun recently, making Z3 faster and learning about efficient ways to find equivalent Boolean formulas: jamey.thesharps.us/2021/09/05/

@ehashman what does an Android app buy you at that point instead of serving an HTML form and just using a browser from your phone?

I've always loved that CGI scripts can be trivial shell scripts, so you could do all this with a little bit of sh on your desktop if you wanted I guess


this man received a sudoku puzzle to solve for his sudoku youtube channel. he was told he wasn't allowed to look at it until he was recording. so on the video, he opened it up and immediately said "i'm being made fun of. this obviously isn't solvable. he's about to get an angry phone call"

..."well, i can place a few digits here and here. but that's it. after that it's impossible."

"well i suppose i could narrow down this digit here but like. this grid does not have a unique solution. it can't."

anyway click the link to watch a man go from frustrated with his friend to unbelievably stunned at the impossible beauty of the puzzle he just solved in only 25 minutes

me: it should be a goal of system design that developers find it easier to do things the right way than the wrong way

st peter: so you're telling me you're a sinner because *checks notes* reality is poorly architected?

I haven't had much to say for a bit, but here's a blog post about the new way I'm deploying web apps on my personal server, by combining Dokku with Nix: jamey.thesharps.us/2021/02/03/

This is cute, a DIY Bluetooth trackball where all the electronics are inside the ball: blog.jfedor.org/2021/01/blueto

I spent parts of January working on a new kind of search engine. Instead of indexing the unfathomable internet, it focuses on enabling search for neighbourhoods of related websites—webrings, or other kinds of topically similar sites.

The search engine is called Lieu.
Try it out: lieu.cblgh.org
See the code: github.com/cblgh/lieu

I haven't had much to say for a bit, but here's a blog post about the new way I'm deploying web apps on my personal server, by combining Dokku with Nix: jamey.thesharps.us/2021/02/03/

re: web dev 

@impiaaa That sounds about right (except that apparently uWSGI can be an HTTP server itself). I'm pretty convinced the entire web server landscape is a mess, which has been bothering me a lot lately (cf jamey.thesharps.us/2020/04/24/ and jamey.thesharps.us/2021/02/03/)

Really proud of this video interview Branden Bonaby, a May 2019 Outreachy intern with the Linux kernel.

Branden talks about all of the common fears newcomers have about open source: everyone will know more than me, no one will want to interact with a newcomer, and what if they don't like my code?

The answer: just try contributing to open source. The whole community is there to help you improve your code.


(Video CC-BY Outreachy and Sage Sharp -- made with Kdenlive)

@ansate Not silly at all and it's nice to hear from you! I just got the notification of this message a week late since I haven't opened Tusky in while though, sorry 😅

also hi I'm still here 👋
just haven't been real excited about any social media for a bit, y'know?

who called it "being supportive" and not "spoonsorship"

@djsundog The policy contribution I'm most proud of was getting the preamble of every policy document to say "no disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who violates this policy in a good-faith effort to protect life, health, safety, or well-being"

If your policy doesn't put people first, it is bad and will fail

am have lots of love

am sending you some

❤️ 〰️ :blobcatreach:

If a small percentage of looting rioters discredits the entire movement, then what does a small percentage of bad cops do?🤔 - Anon

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