I went to go lie down on the couch, but a cat was there and declined to move, so it's been my responsibility to work around her. Then the other cat decided I needed to be held in place. I'm thoroughly trapped now 😼

The Seattle airport directory display runs Ubuntu apparently, which we can tell because NetworkManager is trying to prompt for Wi-Fi credentials 😂

That might also be related to why it seems to be showing two copies of the same image, both squashed vertically?

silly Linux joke 

just managing some filesystem mountpoints, as you do, and... what's this?

I made a chart of how many people read any given pair of webcomics, against how many would be expected to read that pair if they chose what to read entirely at random, and, it's colorful and pretty and I'm proud of it 😁

Stuff outside the Poisson iso-lines is statistically significant. To the left, more people read the pair than can be explained by pure chance, so there's probably some reason to believe they're related. Pairs to the right seem like people who read either avoid the other one.

Mr Derek was on my lap, and Ms Elisa really wanted in, so she climbed onto my shoulder.

My cat is acting like a dragon, sleeping on a hoard of cables and notebooks

I'm looking at how the feed reader I've been using (Liferea) interprets the Mastodon feed in Atom format, and it's kinda wonky. CW'd stuff in particular just says, "Filed under nsfw", but doesn't show the content warning, although that text is actually present in the feed. (This screenshot has nothing in it that should bother anyone, but the original post was about technical details and CW'd to keep it out of people's way.)

selfie, eye contact, pile of cats 

I'm trapped in a pile of cats! No, don't try to help, I'm happy here 😸

Food art 

I made an art project at a nice restaurant and the waiter didn't get mad at me 😅

When clearing our table he said he'd leave me my "friend"! ❤️

The new stickers for @sphakos' diversity and inclusion consulting look so great! This otter is just adorable.

He's apparently pretty happy being a shoulder cat. I took him off my shoulders and he immediately climbed back up and started purring again.

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Best randomly-assigned car license plate I've seen in a while:

Switching my profile picture here to this sketch of me that Chuck Lukacs did a few years ago, which I really like!

Oh, and in case you've ever wondered why the things that protect your computer from attacks are called "firewalls", I explained in 1995: "I live in an old apartment building. On two of the three floors, there are thick, metal walls embedded in the normal walls that sense temperature changes that would indicate the presence of a fire. If the temperature rises to a certain point, they will snap shut, isolating the fire. These special walls are called firewalls."

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That year I also reviewed "The Ultimate MS-DOS Book". "My first computer, a hard-driveless, bulky, slow TRS-80, didn't get a proper burial. We just stuffed it in a closet … My new computer was easily the most powerful one I had ever seen. It had a blindingly fast 386SX/15MHz processor with one whole megabyte of RAM and a whopping 40MB hard drive!" (Whoa there, young me, go easy on the sarcasm)

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