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my favorite part about linux is how it has twelve clipboards

Jamey Sharp @jamey

@iliana hey now, X doesn't have twelve clipboards! it has three predefined in the core protocol but you can make up to about 2^29 more 😅

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@jamey @iliana now time to find a keyboard with 2^29 function keys - w-

@Technowix @iliana hmmm, yes. I guess that can be the keyboardio model 02?

@jamey @iliana @lanodan I'm sure if we replace each key by a potentiometer, who can change the key defined by the potential... Win in term of size OwO

@Technowix @iliana @jamey I think Kipkay or Ben Heck have a WASD keyboard with pressure sensivity on the keys…
Otherwise the chord mouse, used in the mother of demos.
@Technowix @iliana @jamey
Pretty sure It’s possible with macros and/or shitton of layers.

@lanodan @iliana @Technowix I guess if you hit four or five keys in sequence and draw them from the entire keyboard layout you can get about the right number of combinations?

I regret having put this much thought into this now 😅

@brennen @jamey @lanodan @iliana feel too musician, but like the idea a lot! :3

@Technowix @jamey @lanodan @iliana i actually did have a 4 pedal setup at one point for window manager controls. the hardware's still laying around somewhere but it became a casualty of doing stuff on laptops all the time... one day i will assemble a giant command center with too many monitors and resurrect it...

@brennen @jamey @lanodan @iliana uh-oh, don't forget to share it when back in it :33

@brennen @iliana @jamey @Technowix I’ll probably never have use for such things.
I almost never use the F1…F12 keys, same thing goes for the numpad, … (so ~40% of my keyboards go unused).
But don’t forget to share the cybre.